The Top 10 Themed Restaurants In India

The Bar Stock Exchange| Courtesy of Zomato
The Bar Stock Exchange| Courtesy of Zomato
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9 February 2017

Take a break from conventional restaurants and have an ‘out of this world’ experience at one of these themed joints. Built around a particular theme, these restaurants take you to a new world altogether with their ambiance, music and food. Let’s take a look at 10 places that are becoming known as some of the best themed restaurants in India.

The Black Pearl, Bangalore

If you are fascinated by the lifestyle of pirates and Captain Jack Sparrow then you cannot miss this place. From the wooden flooring that resembles a ship’s deck to the decorative skulls and pirate eye patches, The Black Pearl gives you an experience of feasting in a pirate ship (or being held captive in one).

105, 2nd & 3rd Floors, Vikas Tech Park, Jyoti Nivas College Road, Koramangala, 5th Block, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangolore, India

The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

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The Bar Stock Exchange| Courtesy of Zomato
The Bar Stock Exchange | Courtesy of Zomato
Ever seen prices in a restaurant rising and crashing like a stock market? You will see it here. As the name suggests, this unique place is themed on a stock exchange market, and the prices of their beverages rise or crash according to the demand of these drinks. You might get lucky and find your beverage at an unbelievably low price when you visit.

Ciclo Café

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The Ciclo Cafe
The Ciclo Cafe | Courtesy of Zomato
This place will take you back to the days when a bicycle ride with a group of friends was enough to make a day perfect, before the luxury of cars and motorbikes took over. The furniture here is made from recycled parts of old bicycles.
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Kaidi Kitchen

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It’s time to head behind bars. This restaurant is designed exactly like a prison, with each ‘cell’ allotted to a group of guests. You can even try on a ‘kaidi uniform’ if you wish. The waiters are dressed as police officers. Don’t even think about not paying your bills here.

Chokhi Dhani

Taste a slice of the rich Rajasthani culture at this resort. Not only will you be impressed by the authentic Marwari cuisine available, but you can experience a day in a Rajasthani village. Enjoy Rajasthani folk dancing or a traditional puppet show,‘Kathputli Ro Nach’ and much more. You won’t just see but actually live the life of a Marwari village. Decorated with village paintings, Bani thani art, and wall lanterns, this is the perfect place to discover Rajasthani hospitality.

Chokhi Dhani Resort, 12 Miles Tonk Road, Via Vatika Jaipur, India