The Top 10 Restaurants In Kanpur, India

Gulab Jamun | © Michelle Peters - Jones/Flickr
Gulab Jamun | © Michelle Peters - Jones/Flickr
Dining in the Indian metropolis of Kanpur, you’ll encounter a rich, diverse melting pot of cuisines from all over the world. From regional specialties to international surprises, we’ve highlighted the very best of Kanpur’s restaurant scene.
Cheese Burger @ home © Kabirsabri/WikiCommons


Aromas is practically a heritage site for the people of Kanpur. Well before the advent of fast food chains crowding Kanpur’s streets, this was the ‘it’ place for burgers, pizza, and other American classics. Loyal locals have not forgotten that fact. Today, Aromas serves a wide range of dishes to satisfy every lunch or dinner craving; from Chinese to American fast food to Indian snacks, they’ve got plenty of surprises up their sleeve to keep you coming back. The service is quick and the taste is impeccable, making this a top choice for students at the nearby universities. Though you can now hit up a McDonalds or a Domino’s for some of the same menu items, you won’t find flavors like this anywhere else in town. This is why Aromas continues to not just survive but thrive against fierce corporate competition.

Aromas, 7/135, Swaroop Nagar, Near Indian Overseas Bank, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh +91 99355 35152


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Located in the Status Club, Dhuaan stands out as one of the few venues in Khanpur that offers a great all-round dining experience, from its diverse menu to its ample amenities. Their North Indian, Italian and Mexican dishes attract sizable crowds, which are fortunately accommodated by the restaurant’s ample indoor and outdoor seating. Dhuaan is also a popular hangout spot for its bar and sheesha (hookah) – so sit back, choose your poison, and enjoy a scrumptious meal at Dhuaan.
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Little Chef

Little Chef‘s cozy, family-friendly ambiance and service is sure to charm you as soon as you walk in. While many restaurants in Khanpur offer a diverse range of food, many of those menus suffer from weak spots or erratic quality in their range of cuisines – but not Little Chef. Here, you’ll find great cooking across the board, whether you’re after North Indian classics or North American fast food. While everything here is consistently well-prepared, we would especially recommend the naan (Indian bread), the kadhai paneer, the chole bhature, or the scrumptious pizzas and burgers.

Little Chef, 15/198 – A, Civil Lines, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh +91 512 301 5334

Chin Mi

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If you’re craving delicious Chinese food in Khanpur, look no further than Chin Mi. Sweet Chinese dolls and souvenirs are scattered throughout the restaurant to create a tasteful ambience, but the food is truly the main event here. You may detect subtle Indian spices at work in some of their preparations, but this influence is never overpowering and gives a tinge to traditional Chinese flavoring that you may not experience anywhere else. Start with their pepper potato appetizer, then go for the talumein soup and the Chinese vegetable rice.
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Cawnpore 1857

Cawnpore is the old colonial name for Kanpur, used at the time of the first Indian uprising against British rule in 1957. To honor Kampur’s role in that crucial turning point in India’s history, Cawnpore 1857 offers its customers a thoughtful blend of past and present in its atmosphere and its cuisine. Here, you’ll dine in visually and culturally rich surroundings, from the tastefully selected furniture and glittering old-world chandeliers to the insightful photographic display of Kanpur’s historic events. The menu is old North Indian made new, prepared in authentic Awadhi earthen pots to bring every seasoning out to its full potential, then served with a contemporary spin. Special standouts here include the biryani and jalebi, as well as a decent selection of wines for you to pair with your meal.

Cawnpore 1857, 10, The Mall, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh +91 512 230 5305


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In North India, it can be discouragingly difficult to find a restaurant for authentic South Indian food – but if you’re in Kanpur, your search will be well rewarded at Rasam. This is one of Kanpur’s finer restaurants so the prices are accordingly a little higher, but it will satisfy your Southern cravings with delicious plates of dosas (fermented crepes with back lentils), idlis (savory breakfast cakes), and appams (tasty pancakes made with rice batter and coconut milk).
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The Deck

The Deck offers its guests a refined and refreshing dining experience, whether you opt for the open-air terrace by the pool, or the fabulous indoor seating surrounded by sleek glass windows with lush green views. Their staff is efficient and always ready to help you make a selection, though we’d recommend that you go straight for the pizzas and sizzlers here. This is a great pick for a special dinner with friends in a classy yet casual atmosphere.

The Deck, 10, The Mall, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh +91 512 230 5305

Mithas Sweets

Mithas Sweets serves up the best sweets and street snacks in Kanpur. This is an undisputed and widely known fact among locals, so it’s often mobbed and can be hard to grab a seat. Stop by in the evening when the rush has died down, unwind in the candy shop’s fun laid-back ambience, and get ready to eat flaky samosa, creamy lassis, rich paneer tikkas, and oh-so-sweet gulab jamun.

Mithas Sweets, 7/108, Swaroop Nagar Swaroop Nagar, Khalasi Line, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh +91 512 3042388

Terrazza 9

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This rooftop restaurant is one of Kanpur’s most romantic dining destinations. Here you can choose from a variety of cuisines (with an emphasis on great Italian cooking) in a cozy, intimate setting. The blue lights add an ethereal frame to the terrace views of Kanpur at night. The stars of Terrazza 9’s menu are their flavorful pasta dishes and their crispy, decadently cheesy pizzas. The bar also serves an inventive variety of drinks to enjoy with your meal – so sit back, take a sip, and take in the views of the city with somebody truly special.
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Light on the wallet and beloved by locals, Hucka is a great little Chinese and Indian sit-down restaurant. It has a loyal fan following of student-aged regulars who grew up eating Hucka’s dishes, like the tasty fish tikka, chili potatoes, and noodle bowls. They also have a popular hookah bar on premises for a relaxing smoke to wind down after your meal.
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