The Top 10 Restaurants In Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Seekh Kabab | © Tahir Hashmi/Flickr
Seekh Kabab | © Tahir Hashmi/Flickr
Allahabad is one of the holiest cities in India, situated on the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna rivers in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Formerly known as the city of Prayag, today Allahabad is revered as one of the four sites of the Kumbh Mela, a mass Hindu pilgrimage held every 12 years where devotees come from all over to bathe in the sacred rivers. This holy mecca is also a major dining destination, especially to enjoy Mughalai cuisine of North India, though there’s a surprising number of North American-style burger joints as well. From tempting thalis to sinful sundaes, read on for the 10 best menus in town.
Mutton Seekh Kebabs © Nadir Hashmi/Flickr

Eat On

Eat On may look like a tiny fast food dive to the untrained eye, but of all the restaurants in Allahabad, this is where you should go to test the city’s reputation for outstanding North Indian cuisine. Here you’ll find the best biryanis and kebabs in the city, hands-down. One bite of the juicy mutton kebab or the chicken biryani is all you’ll need to see why this small spot is always ringed with big, admiring crowds.
Eat On, Compound, MG Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh +91 80814 01001

The Tamarind Tree

If you’re looking for sumptuous, buttery South Indian cuisine in an authentic atmosphere, The Tamarind Tree has got you covered. Here you’ll dine on the floor at one of their low-lying tables, where you’ll be served a traditional Welcome Drink and offered a massive variety of South Indian dishes, with an especially impressive dosa menu. Go for the cheese dosa; a good rule of thumb for ordering here is ‘the more cheese, the better.’ They also serve a range of Chinese dishes, including a delicious take on fried rice. The Tamarind Tree’s indulgent dishes may leave you slumped in a satisfied stupor, but you can perk yourself up with a great filtered coffee before grabbing the bill.
The Tamarind Tree, Thornhill Road, Near Hira Halwai Crossing, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh +91 94152 08250

Friends Forever

A comfy and casual choice for Indian food, Friends Forever is aptly named for its welcoming atmosphere and amicable rates. The restaurant has two seating areas, one with the regular tables and chairs, and another with plush sofas for lounging with old friends. Their menu is known for its superb chicken tikka, as well as a fantastic thali option consisting of lentil soup, vegetables, rice, roti (Indian bread), salad, pickles, and gulab jamun (a sticky-sweet Indian treat).
Friends Forever, Sardar Patel Marg, Civil Lines, Madhopur, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh +91 93351 60925

Hira Halwai

Hira Halwai supplies Allahabad’s citizens with unforgettable Indian sweets, treats and snacks. It opens quite early in the morning, but there’s often a big crowd of early birds clamoring after their samosas, which are easily the most authentic in town and tend to sell out within minutes. If you miss out on those, never fear, their heavenly gulab jamun is a sweet consolation.
Address: Thorn Hill Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211001 +91 90449 53800

Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House is a very famous place in Allahabad, beloved for both its coffee and its environment of buzzing, unending discussion. While you sip your delicious coffee here, you’re sure to overhear an endless stream of conversation brimming around you covering everything under the sun: from politics to literature to local events, no subject is left behind. If you’re feeling peckish, the Coffee House has got you covered with a nice selection of South Indian dishes, and a few simple but satisfying egg dishes for breakfast. If you’re new in Allahabad and want to get a feel for the city, spend a few hours here to steep yourself in tea, coffee, and community.
Indian Coffee House, 15, M.G. Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh +91 532 242 7211