The Mumbai Foodie Account To Follow On Instagram

Photo of Sukhada Chaudhary
30 November 2016

Full of gorgeous cityscapes and nature photography, Instagram is also home to the most stunning food photographs. And what better way to explore a city than through its food? Munchy Mumbai leads the way!

Chocolate Pizza from The Rolling Pin | Courtesy of Munchy Mumbai

Run by two graduate students, Sagar Rupani and Parth Kothari, Munchy Mumbai was created with an aim to be unique in the way it chronicled Mumbai’s food. What sets them apart is the way they promote homemade food — the only professional food blog to do so.

The decision to balance professional and homemade food was tough, but it paid off. Their followers embraced homemade food and started asking for recipes. As passionate food lovers, it is this love that drives them to continue working on the account.

Bakeries such as The Rolling Pin (see above photo) are featured for their innovative delights, like this chocolate pizza topped with marshmallows.

Chocolate Dunkers from Quattro | Courtesy of Munchy Mumbai

Another popular restaurant, Quattro features as a place that has officially turned up with their ‘favorite dessert,’ the Chocolate Dunkers — chocolate wrapped in baked filo pastry with caramel, green apple caviar, strawberry sauce and lots of chocolate!

Cheesy Kurkuri from Made In Punjab | Courtesy of Munchy Mumbai

The above are delightful cheese-filled fritters from Made In Punjab, one of Mumbai’s most popular Punjabi restaurants. The delightful colors and presentation makes you want to be there, right now!

Baked Philadelphia Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce from Momo Cafe | Courtesy of Munchy Mumbai

New and upcoming cafés in Mumbai offer strong competition as far as desserts are concerned. Sample this beautiful baked Philadelphia cheesecake from Momo Café.

Barbeque Chicken Burger from Bistro1 Snackbar | Courtesy of Munchy Mumbai

The Bistro1 Snackbar‘s barbeque chicken burger looks absolutely inviting and is recommended by Munchy Mumbai as the best spicy chicken burger in town.

Lamb Kebabs from Monkey Bar | Courtesy of Munchy Mumbai

Not just high-street, Munchy Mumbai even explores bar food like this combination of galouti (lamb) kebabs paired with mangaa (a cocktail of vodka and raw mango) from Monkey Bar.

Chicken waffle from Frisbees | Courtesy of Munchy Mumbai

Want to experiment? This chicken waffle from Frisbees looks delectable and definitely worth the try!

Traditional homemade modaks | Courtesy of Munchy Mumbai

The traditional homemade delicacies of Mumbai define many festivals and traditions. One such recipe is the modak, made during the celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi and also featured on the handle.

Kulfi from Quarter House | Courtesy of Munchy Mumbai

Nothing marks the conclusion of a hearty meal quite like a chilled kulfi. This one from Quarter House is both a culinary and visual delight.

Misal Pav from Ladu Samrat | Courtesy of Munchy Mumbai

The food scouting is complete with street food like the misal pav from Ladu Samrat — comfort food for so many Mumbaikars!

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