'The Gutless Foodie' Gives People Another Reason to Fall in Love With Indian Cuisine

Explore Indian cuisine with The Gutless Foodie | © Natasha Diddee
Explore Indian cuisine with The Gutless Foodie | © Natasha Diddee
After a long surgical process and eight days in hospital, Natasha Diddee was told that her entire stomach had to be removed, along with perforated ulcers and a tumour, to save her life. Not one to be daunted by life’s challenges, the trained chef decided to share her story as ‘The Gutless Foodie’ and started uploading the food she cooked daily. Today, she is an Instagram star with over 44,000 followers. Here are some ‘Gutless Foodie’ dishes that will make you fall in love with Indian cuisine!

Mixed veggies, the fun way

For Natasha, every day in the kitchen is an art project and everything she cooks is an experiment with taste. Here, The Gutless Foodie has hatched a brilliant plan to feed our bodies the greens it needs, in a fun way! This dish is super easy and you can customise it with greens of your choice.

TGF’s Tip: This is a great way to sneak in veggies your loved ones won’t normally eat. While puréeing, add milk then give it a boil. The soup will become creamier and now has added calcium!

That Make him Eat His Greens Soup – Done . . Every time I'm cooking Western Style food & I ask @beingbengt what he'd like, without hesitation I hear some from of pasta😐 I don't know why he bothers, because then I go on a war path in my own head & decide to feed him something as far away from pasta as possible😀 I pan fried some chicken breasts that I had marinated in oyster sauce, balsamic vinegar & chilli flakes. I had a bunch of green stuff in my fridge, so I decided to make him soup to go with it. I cooked in a mix of chili oil & butter & tempered it with loads of garlic. I added in leeks, asparagus & bok choi & stir fried. I added in basil pesto (bought from Green Tokri), @touchoftaste chicken stock glaze (you can sub with a chicken soup cube), freshly cracked black pepper & then a glass of room temperature milk. Once cool, I blended it into a thick soup; topped with freshly cracked black pepper. . Pasta my foot😂😂 . I think soups are so underrated The amount of healthy things one can sneak into them is countless! Don't you agree? . . . . . #soupoftheday #todaysspecial #eattheworld #eattherainbow #honestcooking #picoftheday #eatyourgreens #eatyourveggies #🍲 #oneplus5 #foodfromscratch #indianfoodbloggers #thenewhealthy #foodtalkindia #mumbaifoodie #mumbaifoodlovers #foodmaniacindia #itz_mumbai #foodiesofindia #indiancooking #soupday #souplover #soup🍲 #🍜#vegetablesoup #mixedveg #mixedveggies #mixedvegetables #soupforthesoul #basilpesto

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Kottu Paratha, from Sri Lanka to India

Having no stomach means Natasha’s body doesn’t produce vitamin B (which helps the brain’s memory), which means Natasha learns new things about food every day! She experimented to make her own version of a Sri Lankan dish called Kottu Roti by adding some Indian spices to it and the result was a tasty, easy-to-cook dish.

TGF’s Tip: Cut leftover rotis/parathas cold because they cut better and make ribbons instead of roughly breaking them because you can pick it up better with a fork and the masala coats thin strips well.

Chettinad meat curry

For a person who cooks around nine dishes every day, Natasha sure knows some useful kitchen tricks. She wanted to make something new with chicken leftovers and what she came up with was a protein packed Chettinad style curry with chicken and eggs.

TGF’s Tip: Add boiled eggs to a leftover chicken curry to make it delicious. It’s a great way to improve an already cooked dish and this way, you can add extra protein.

That Billion Dollar Question Dish – Done. . Yup! I made a Chettinad Style Chicken & Egg Curry! I tempered coconut oil with garlic, onions, fresh coconut, tomatoes, red chilli powder, salt & a preservative-free Chettinad spice mix that I bought from @zaiqathespicestore (I love this particular spice mix) & cooked till the tomatoes were pulpy. Cooled down and ground to a very fine paste. . I hard boiled eggs & halved them. I tempered coconut oil with mustard seeds & curry leaves & added in the halved hard boiled eggs and fried them to a crisp and set aside. In the same pot, I added in seasoned strips of chicken breasts and seared. I added in the smooth paste, some Garnicia Indica and simmered till the chicken was done. I poured raw coconut oil once the gas was switched off and mixed. Trust me it's a game changer! I added in the fried boiled eggs and fried curry leaves and served with freshly made hot parathas! . So good I can't explain. And it was so good that we forgot what we ate first…..the chicken or the egg🙈 The mystery continues……😂😂😂 . . . . . #indiankitchen #instafoodie #thekitchen #cookinglight #dailyfoodfeed #foodphotography #healthycuisines @healthycuisines #superfoods #sides #indianbloggers #foodblog #foodbloger #eattheworld #goodfood #wholefoods #yummyinmytummy #southindianfood #igersindia #indianphotography #gharkakhana #youarewhatyoueat #storyofmytable #heresmyfood #thekitchn @thekitchn #inmykitchen #mykitchen #familymeal #dinnertonight #eggcurry #chickencurry

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Indian fish tacos

The Gutless Foodie invented this dish when she had some parathas and fried fish in the fridge she needed to use – she made some easy and delicious fish tacos. The best part about Natasha’s dishes is that she doesn’t always include exotic ingredients; she sources her vegetables and other ingredients locally.

TGF’s Tip: This is a super yum way to use leftovers while toning it down. Also it makes for a great high protein tiffin box for kids.

Omelettes and flat breads, Maharashtra style

Natasha’s stories about food, how she felt when she tried something for the first time and her childhood memories, all make her food special. This particular dish took her back to the day when her parents had guests over for dinner, but her dad quietly went into the kitchen to make some of it for himself!

TGF’s Tip: Pour the egg into the pan, add the toppings and then place the roti/flatbread on top. This way when you flip, there’s minimal egg splash. This is also a great way to reuse leftover rotis, and the egg and cheese provide added protein.

That Thecha Baida Roti – Done . In my home State – Maharashtra, we have a very popular side/chutney/food enhancer (call it what you may🙈) called "Thecha". Some even call it "Kharda". I can't remember when I first tried it, but I do remember who made it memorable for me. My father @diddeeravindra 😍 We had family over for dinner ; I remember. My mom @neelam.diddee , being an Indian mom, had made about 10 main dishes plus sides.😂🙈 The table was buckling with yummies. And in the middle of everyone ooh-ing and aah-ing, suddenly we got a whiff of something else coming from the kitchen! We all went to investigate… and there was papa, making himself an omlette. Only it wasn't a regular omlette….he had added "Thecha" – GAME CHANGER 😍 Mamma's food lay forgotten, even by her! The aroma had driven everyone crazy & we all ate Thecha Omlettes for dinner!! Food is truly memories😍😍 Was missing my papa, so today, I made a Thecha omlette roll for my breakfast! See my insta stories☺ I cooked in seasoned mustard oil (my twist) and added in chopped garlic, green chillies, salt and lime juice. I added this into a whisked egg and poured it back onto the pan. I added fresh coriander, grated cheddar and then put a leftover roti/flatbread on it. Cooked both sides and flipped into a half moon and tucked in. So so good!! Papa – lovin' & missin'❤❤ . . . . . #maharashtra #maharashtrian #insta_maharashtra @insta_maharashtra #maharashtra_ig @maharashtra_ig #indiankitchen #instafoodie #thekitchen #cookinglight #dailyfoodfeed #foodphotography #healthycuisines @healthycuisines #superfoods #sides #indianfoodbloggers #foodbloger #eattheworld #goodfood #wholefoods #eggrolls #eggroll #yummyinmytummy #storyofmytable #heresmyfood #frommykitchen #mykitchen #gharkakhana #homefood #punekar #puneigers #foodtalkindia @foodtalkindia

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Fish pulimunchi

Natasha says she has numerous cookbooks (all gifted to her), but has read none of them! Not one to conform, The Gutless Foodie added her own twist to a traditional Mangalorean dish by adding curry leaves, coconut, onions and garlic. The result was delicious and something new.

TGF’s Tip: Always marinate fish with salt and vinegar, then wash off before cooking. It reduces the fishy smell.

Pickled teasle gourds

Teasle gourd are not half as bitter as bitter gourds and if experimented with, like Natasha does, can turn out super delicious! Natasha added pickle oil and her own tweaks to make the dish unique.

TGF’s Tip: They are a great source of vegetable protein and iron. Add coriander to improve the flavour.

Chutney Fenugreek Dish

Natasha makes up new dishes all the time. She made a coriander chutney with coconut and peanuts and cooked fenugreek in it.

TGF’s Tip: Don’t chop the leaves. Just pluck them and the tender stalks and cook without cutting. The methi won’t taste so bitter.