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Aswin in 'Put Chutney' video| © Unkown/ Flickr
Aswin in 'Put Chutney' video| © Unkown/ Flickr
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The Stand-Up Comedians From Chennai You Need To Know

Picture of Kavya Ravi
Updated: 14 October 2016
From Mylapore to Mumbai, the funny guys from Chennai are ticking all the boxes. Drawing from their south Indian identities, stand-up comedians in the city are making everybody laugh and think as well. Stand-up culture, thanks to these young people, is growing in Chennai as the audiences are opening up and willing to laugh at themselves.

S Aravind aka SA

A graduate in film direction, Aravind was never the person on stage until he discovered stand-up comedy in 2012. His friends egged him on and now a couple of years later, he has over 100-odd shows to his name. Aravind works part-time as a stand-up artist and as an assistant director and is currently working on a script for a Tamil feature film.

Aravind aka SA
Aravind aka SA

Karthik aka ‘Evam’ Karthik

Karthik is a chemical engineering graduate turned actor turned stand-up comedian In 2003, Karthik Kumar along with Sunil Vishnu founded Evam Productions, an organisation which mainly focuses on theatre entrepreneurship and management. In 2010, they expanded to include stand-up comedy and haven’t turned back. Karthik has done tours across the country as well as in the US and Singapore. Karthik has acted in over a dozen films in Tamil.

Aswin Rao aka Aswin

Aswin has dabbled in many fields. He is a software engineer, photographer, advertising professional; stand-up comedy is just another feather in his cap. Aswin Rao, a.k.a. Batman from Chennai took the internet by storm with his first video on his YouTube channel, ‘Put Chutney’.

Aswin in 'Put Chutney' video| © Unkown/ Flickr
Aswin in ‘Put Chutney’ video | © Unkown/ Flickr

Rajiv Rajaram aka Rajiv/ Tucker Mani

Rajiv Rajaram, the standup comic, writer and partner at Stray Factory, has done many gigs in well known comedy clubs across the world. Always the class clown and the entertainer in his family, Rajiv gave stand-up comedy a shot in 2013. Today, he is one of the brains behind Stray Factory’s viral YouTube videos, including South of India.

Venkatesh Harinathan aka Step Step Mani

Venkatesh has been a part of the theatre scene for a long time, but started indulging in improvised comedy a few years ago. His on-stage character, Step Step Mani is a lungi-wearing South Indian man who rose to fame after an improvised, mimed version of Why this kolaveri di?, which went viral. Venkatesh also made his debut in films with Sutta Kadhai and Irandaam Ulagam.