Great Seafood Restaurants To Try In South Mumbai

Photo of Gayatri Sapru
9 February 2017

While you may associate the southern part of the city with old architecture, art venues, and exclusive gymkhanas, South Mumbai also has plenty of value-for-money seafood restaurants tucked along its winding lanes. Be prepared to wait in queues, but our pick of the restaurants are definitely worth the wait.

New Martin, Colaba

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New Martin Hotel, Colaba.
New Martin Hotel, Colaba. | Image courtesy : Zomato
New Martin is the home of homestyle Goan food in a bar setting. It lacks all pretence and is the kind of place where décor takes a backseat. New Martin also has different menus for each day, so call in advance if there’s something you particularly want to eat. You might be sharing tables with complete strangers, but you’ll come back with a story and a seriously pleased stomach.

Sandeep Gomantak, Fort

Sandeep is a favorite with the office-going crowd and with college students who queue here for the easy-on-the-wallet lunch. It’s the kind of place that refills your curry continually, where eating is taken seriously and you cannot linger for a minute once you’re done; there are throngs outside, particularly at lunch hour. Try the fish thali and perhaps something else on the side, and don’t leave without trying the signature garlic chutney.

Fish thaali at Sandip, Fort. Image Courtesy : Zomato

Fish thali at Sandip, Fort. Image Courtesy : Zomato

Gomantak, Dadar

Gomantak offers incredible service and the freshest Malvani-style food in the area, as well as the shortest wait time for food once you’re seated. Order the fish thali, crispy prawns, and mussels to really understand the hype.
Fish thaali, Gomantak, Dadar. Image Courtesy : Zomato

Fish thaali, Gomantak, Dadar. Image Courtesy : Zomato