The Best Weekend Getaways from Pune

Needle Hole Point, Mahabaleshwar | © Rishabh Tatiraju/WikiCommons
Needle Hole Point, Mahabaleshwar | © Rishabh Tatiraju/WikiCommons
Photo of Vishal Ingole
17 January 2018

The strategic location of Pune has blessed it with a favorable climate all year round, as well as several picturesque weekend getaways barely a few kilometers away. With the holiday season here, these scenic vacation spots can be enjoyed on a weekend trip. Here we look at a few of these locations, offering everything from camping to sightseeing.


Less than a hundred kilometers from Pune, Lonavala can be enjoyed on a day trip as well as a weekend trip. Valleys and hills, waterfalls and lush greenery abound in Lonavala. A must-visit for anyone who loves nature, Lonavala is also famous for the chikki, a traditional Indian sweet made from jaggery and peanuts.

Tiger Point, Lonavala at dusk | © Rishit Vora/WikiMedia Commons


Three hours away from Lonavala, the hill station of Khandala has been made famous by Bollywood movies and songs. Not surprisingly, Khandala is as popular as Lonavala, with many people preferring to cover both the places in a single trip. Besides the greenery and beautiful hills, the place is made even more beautiful by the rains. The monsoons are the most popular time to visit both Khandala and Lonavala.

Khandala Ghat in monsoons | © Gayatri Priyadarshini/WikiMedia Commons


The city of Wai is situated on the banks of the Krishna River and was known as ‘Virat Nagari’ during the ancient ages. Wai is in the Satara district of Maharashtra, and barely 90 kilometers from Pune. There are opportunities for several sporting activities in Wai, including raft building, trekking, kayaking, and stargazing.

Wai Temple, Wai | © Kalkotekedar/WikiMedia Commons

Lohagad Fort

Meaning iron fort, Lohagad Fort was once the bastion of Shivaji and is now a popular tourist attraction. The fort is located atop a hill, overlooking the Pavana River. The Bhaja and Karla Caves located close to the fort are another attraction for those visiting the Lohagad Fort. Trekking to the fort and to the caves are some of the most popular activities in the region.

Lohgad Fort Main Entrance | © Varun Patil/WikiMedia Commons


The man-made town of Lavasa is bordered by picturesque hills and farms, and gets its name from the lake that the place covers. This hill city is close to 25,000 feet, and a very popular hangout spot for the younger population. Lavasa enjoys scenic views and an ambient climate thanks to the Western Ghats. Some of the activities to indulge in are trekking, camping, rappelling, hiking, and archery.

A resort on Lavasa | © Ekaant at Lavasa/WikiMedia Commons


A very popular river rafting spot around Pune, Kolad is a tiny village in the Raigad district that draws swarms of tourists at any time of the year. The Kundalika River not only offers river rafting opportunities, but the road along the river is a popular running trail. The scenic views and refreshing blue waters are coupled with a refreshing climate all year round.

Kolad, Maharashtra | © Tanay Kibe/Flickr


Mahabaleshwar is a weekend getaway and picnic spot in Maharashtra, surrounded by evergreen forests and valleys. This is also the place believed to be the origin of the River Krishna in the ancient Mahadev temple. The Pratapgarh Fort built by Shivaji is barely 20 kilometers from here. Some of the other attractions in the region include Kate’s Point, Arthur’s Seat, Wilson Point, Needle Hole Point, and the 3 Monkey Point.

Krishna Valley, Mahabaleshwar | © Ankur P/Flickr

Malshej Ghat

This mountain pass is home to several different species of birds and a variety of flora. There is a diverse range of wildlife in the forests of the region. The waterfalls are full during the monsoons, making the beauty of the place come alive. A number of temples and caves are also located in the vicinity. Some of the activities to indulge in are birdwatching, trekking, and enjoying the stunning views of the waterfalls.

From camping and trekking to spending a quiet weekend rejuvenating and relaxing, these getaways around Pune are perfect to soothe both mind and body.

Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra | © Aditya Patawari/WikiMedia Commons