The Best Up-And-Coming Photographers From Mumbai You Should Know

Works by Shovona Karmakar are much sought after | © Shovona Karmakar
Works by Shovona Karmakar are much sought after | © Shovona Karmakar
Although just about everyone claims to be a photographer today, some works create a tone and league of their own. Good photography needs a certain creative inclination. Among 19 million people in Mumbai, here are the best up-and-coming photographers who share their voice through images and do a great job at it!

Ankita Chandra

Currently working as Vogue India’s photo editor and photographer, Ankita reminisces about her time in Paris where she learnt photography. She says: “Grabbing people off the streets and into my studio, spending sleepless nights drinking Chardonnay’s from Monoprix and editing my photos to the music of Erik Satie. It was another world, and I spent my time being breathlessly excited and inspired by the people around me.” Ankita has produced hundreds of photo shoots for Vogue India and she has the most fun shooting portraits.

A portrait by Ankita Chandra © Ankita Chandra

Jaina Kumar

Jaina Kumar is a young fashion portrait photographer who rose to fame because of the images she posted on the photo-sharing app Instagram. She started by capturing images of dogs and cats and they remain her favourite subjects today. But, Jana has progressed in her skill and range of work over the years. Her unique visual language has helped her gain prominence amongst the most sought after fashion brands.

Jaina's photo of Tanvi, a bride she clicked on the latter's wedding day © Jaina Kumar

Anushree Fadnavis

Anushree is a photojournalist and enjoys her work to the extent of creating a distinct voice through her photos. These depict women on Mumbai’s local trains and while it seems like a simple subject, her images break into the layers of ethos in the city. Anushree’s next goal is to travel north east India solo and challenge herself creatively in the beautiful region.

Anushree Fadnavis creates images with a distinct voice © Anushree Fadnavis

Debarati Sanyal

Debarati Sanyal worked extensively in London after she completed her M.A in Fashion Photography from London College of Fashion. But that wasn’t her first taste of photography. Debarati was moonlighting as an event photographer and her first ever paid assignment came through What’s The Scene, a company which hired her to photograph a music concert. Debarati’s eye for detail has landed her projects with countless fashion magazines and brands that want to tell stories through portraits.

Debarati's eye for creative shoots has earned her name in the industry © Debarati Sanyal

Neha Karode

“The frame is my stage, and I’m a performer with a mission. I have an opinion, and my photography isn’t some objective truth that I’m trying to show. It’s very much my canvas, and every photograph is a piece of art to me,” says Neha Karode. A photographer, and a bold one at that, Neha speaks her mind through her images. She is a trained Hindustani classical vocalist and qualified with a degree in Mass Communication too. She brings her knowledge and experiences into the photos she captures.

Neha Karode has a bold voice and expresses herself through her clicks © Neha Karode

Shovona Karmakar

Shovona could have ended up studying engineering or medicine if her inclination since childhood, wasn’t towards visual communication. After graduating with a degree in Art History, Shovona moved towards photography and learnt that she enjoyed it more. Having no other alternative in her mind, she pursued the medium as her profession. She is particularly known for her surrealistic landscapes, cinemagraph and stereoscope.

Shovona has a unique style in capturing portraits © Shovona Karmakar

Deepshikha Jain

Deepshikha studied architecture from India and then completed a degree in photography from Paris. While the two vocations seem to be poles apart, Deepshikha simply combined them and became an architectural photographer. She is one of the most sought after photographer’s for shooting interiors and spaces because she knows her architecture and everything that makes an image look good! Deepshikha has worked with Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Australian Architectural Review, Platform and many more magazines.

Deepshikha uses her degree in architecture and photography at best © Deepshikha Jain

Karan Nevatia

For Karan Nevatia, a wine importer and businessman, just like most of his family, the world of photography opened up when he first bought a digital camera. He says: “Suddenly the rewards seemed to be more immediate, and the education – making mistakes, learning from them, correcting your method and repeating – greatly accelerated.” Karan’s most memorable shoot was when he clicked portraits of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, a man whom Karan has admired since he childhood. Karan enjoys and is most known for fashion and commercial shoots.

A wine importer, Karan Nevatia found his true passion in photography and made it his profession © Karan Nevatia