The Best Things to See and Do in Jabalpur, India

Dhuadhar Waterfalls, Jabalpur | © The.chhayachitrakar/Wiki Commons
Dhuadhar Waterfalls, Jabalpur | © The.chhayachitrakar/Wiki Commons
Photo of Richa Jain
12 January 2018

With interesting attractions to see, Jabalpur is one of the most important cities of Madhya Pradesh, best known for white marble and stone crafts. If you’re looking for a comfortable holiday destination in the state, Jabalpur is the place to be. Here are our favourite things to see and do in Jabalpur.

Dhuandhar Waterfall

This stunning waterfall at Bhedaghat, is one of the top attractions of the city. Due to the bouncing mist created by the plunging waters of river Narmada, this fall is called Dhuandhar Waterfall. Known to be the most beautiful waterfall of Madhya Pradesh, it has tourists and locals flocking to it during the holiday season. Besides the picturesque view, you can also enjoy a cable car ride at Bhedaghat (if you aren’t scared of heights).

Dhuandhar Waterfall, Bhedaghat, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Dhuadhar Waterfalls

Dhuadhar Waterfalls, Jabalpur | © Anshikasjv12/Wiki Commons

Marble Rocks

The breathtaking view of river Narmada flowing between large white marble rocks looks like something straight out of a movie. The sight becomes even more enchanting on full moon nights when these white marble rocks become illuminated. To get a closer look you should treat yourself to a boat ride. The soothing atmosphere and the sound of slow running river water, is undeniably uplifting.

These marble rocks are pretty special, and that is why they’re sent all over India. They’re often used to create idols and other stone crafts.

Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat | © Karan Dhawan India/Wiki Commons

Bargi Dam

This is an ideal place in Jabalpur for bird watching and water sports. You can enjoy speed boating, paddle boating and water scooters. If you visit the dam during the evenings, then you can also witness the picturesque sunset view. Another interesting thing to see here is the statue of Goddess Mahakali, which is 103 feet tall.

Bargi Dam, Madhya Pradesh, India

Balancing Rock

This natural attraction is astounding. India has two such balancing rocks, one is at Jabalpur, and the other one is at Mahabalipuram. It is said that Jabalpur’s balancing rock has even survived an earthquake of 6.5 magnitude. You’ll find this on your way to the Madan Mahal Fort.

World famous balancing rock at Jabalpur | © Mityrocks/Wiki Commons

Sangram Sagar Lake

When you go downhill from the Madan Mahal Fort, you’ll come across this beautiful lake called the Sangram Sagar Lake. Also a famous bird watching site, the lake is a relaxing location, away from the bustle of the city, to spend some quiet time amid nature. You can also find a good number of fishes and other aquatic creatures here.

Sangram Sagar Lake, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Chausath Yogini Temple

Built atop a hill near Bhedaghat, Chausath Yogini Temple is a 10th century shrine known for its historical significance. To reach the temple, you’ll have to climb 108 steep steps. It is a circular complex which has numerous images and sculptures depicting the rule of three kingdoms, namely Kalachuri, Gupta and Kushana.

Chausath Yogini Temple, Bhedaghat, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India 099992 67592

Chausath Yogini Temple

Temple of Chausath Yogini | © Abhishek Roy/Wiki Commons

Chausath Yogini Sculptures

Sculptures of Chausath Yogini Shrine near Bhedaghat | © Abhishek Roy/Wiki Commons


Gwarighat, along the sacred Narmada river, is situated a one-hour drive away from Jabalpur. It is an important pilgrim site as it has a Gurudwara, popularly known as Gurudwara Gwari Ghat Sahib; a Jain temple; Shri Ramlala Mandir and Ganesh Mandir. There’s a Maa Narmada temple too; half of the temple always remains submerged in the Narmada river water.

Gwarighat, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Dumna Nature Reserve Park

Dumna Nature Reserve, Jabalpur
Dumna Nature Reserve, Jabalpur | © Sandeep Shukla/Wiki Commons
This nature reserve is located on the outskirts of the city, near the airport. It is a popular family tour destination, and has a variety of plants and animal species like leopards, jackals, porcupine, wild boar, and a number of migratory birds. There is a restaurant and a children’s park too.

Dumna Nature Reserve also has a small dam where you can fish. All in all, this is a great place for a nature getaway.

Shiva Statue at Kachnar City

Kachnar City is a newly evolved part of Jabalpur, and has a huge (approximately 23 meters high) statue of Lord Shiva in sitting position. It is one of the tallest statues of Lord Shiva in India in this posture. Tourists that come to Jabalpur, visit Kachnar City and this statue too. So make sure it’s there on your list too. Visit the statue during the evening, as then you’ll also get to witness the evening aarti.

Kachnar City Temple, Yashwar Nagar, Kanchan Vihar, Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India 080858 18157

Kachnar City Shiva Statue

23 meters high statue of Lord Shiva at Kachnar City, Jabalpur | © Shivam S/Wiki Commons

Rani Durgavati Museum

History lovers will love visiting Rani Durgavati Museum as it has a number of prehistoric treasures from the ancient era. The museum reflects the rich cultural heritage of the city. It also houses a good collection of medieval sculptures and a letter written by Mahatma Gandhi. There’s an Adivasi (Tribal) cultural gallery too that tells you about these early people.

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