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© Yoori Koo / Unsplash

The Best Places For Breakfast In Churchgate

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Most Mumbaikars know Churchgate only as the last station on the route. However, if you want to take a stroll on Marine Drive or catch the cricket match at Wankhede Stadium, Churchgate has some great restaurants. If you’re in the area for breakfast, here’s where to go.

Salt Water Cafe

Fancy yourself a great European breakfast? Salt Water Cafe is the place to go. With its quiet, contemporary setting overlooking the bus stop next to Churchgate Station, it offers perhaps the best choice of egg dishes in the area. From the classic eggs Florentine to the mouth-watering BBQ ham and mixed-meat omelet, there’s something for every kind of egg-lover. Besides eggs, the bagels, croissants, and breakfast sandwiches, combined with a fair share of assorted smoothies, pack a perfect punch.

Ground Floor, Next to Ambassador Hotel, Nagin Mahal, Veer Nariman Rd, Churchgate, Mumbai, India +91 22 3003 8033

Courtesy Zomato

Courtesy of Zomato



With old world charm, wrought-iron furniture, and a vantage point from which to see everyone rush past you along one of Churchgate’s busiest roads, Gaylord has been an eternal Mumbai favorite. With a standard selection of eggs and beverages, you can be assured of a quick, filling breakfast. However, what makes up for the limited choice is the service and the distinctive ‘town’ setting that is sure to remind you of the Bombay of yore. If you do end up at Gaylord for breakfast, a good idea is to laze around a little till the bakery is ready with its first batch of tea cakes. Delicious!


Gaylord croissants | Courtesy of Zomato

Gaylord croissants | Courtesy of Zomato


Pizza By The Bay

While one may not associate Pizza By The Bay with breakfast, the place offers a good deal. With choice of sandwiches, eggs, porridge, pork sausages, the best time to visit Pizza By The Bay is the early on a Sunday morning, before it gets too crowded. While many will vouch for the creamy scrambled eggs, don’t miss out on the crisp, delicious waffles as well.


Waffles | © Nabil Boukala / Unsplash

Waffles | © Nabil Boukala / Unsplash



Stadium offers an authentic Irani cafe experience. Head to Stadium, a short walk from the Churchgate station, for the unbeatable Chai-Bun Maska combination. You can also try the Kheema Pav and the classic toast for your breakfast fill. This place is ideal for a quick, value-for-money breakfast.

India +91 22 22046819

Breakfast spread at Stadium | Courtesy of Zomato

Breakfast spread at Stadium | Courtesy of Zomato



Mockingbird is a cafe-bar with a dedicated ‘early mornings’ menu. Choose between waffles, pancakes, saddle bags, and a whole lot more; this place makes a conscious effort to present some great variety. A delightful offering is the twist on a Mumbai favorite: enjoy Batata Poha with Madras curry and lemongrass. Don’t miss the rum-glazed bananas that accompany the Bruléed French Toast.

Pancakes | © Elli O / Unsplash

Pancakes | © Elli O/Unsplash