The Best Monsoon Delicacies In India

(c) Google Image | Rainy Day Cup
(c) Google Image | Rainy Day Cup
Photo of Krutika Maniar Doshi
29 October 2016

We all love monsoons – the brand new feel, fresh air, breezy days, cloudy skies, shades of green and the muddy aroma. The showers come bundled with enormous food cravings. We list some of the most popular food items relished during this season in India.

Garam Adrak Chai / Hot Tea With Ginger

Nothing is more typically monsoon than rain-soaked hair and a warm cup of special kadak chai with extra adrak. Be it Mumbai’s famous ‘Cutting Chai’ or Kolkatta’s favourite ‘Kullad wali Chai’, this elixir makes a rainy day even more magical with its strong aroma and spicy cardamom flavor. It is best enjoyed with hot pakodas. For extra warmth, hold the glass close to your mouth and blow into the cup for the steam to drown your face.

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Assorted Pakodas

There is something irresistible about fried food, especially when its pouring outside. On that typical Mumbai rainy day, all you want is a hot plate of kanda bhaji (onion pakodas) with garlic chutney. Kothimbir wadi, paneer pakoda, mirchi pakoda are all great accompaniments as well. Don’t forget the green chilies.

(c) Kanda Bhaji

Vada Pav

Vada Pav is the undisputed king of Mumbai’s street food. If you are in or around Mumbai, you cannot have missed the sight of a roadside vendor constantly churning out vadas and serving huge crowds of people. If you haven’t had Vada Pav during monsoon, then you haven’t experienced Mumbai’s best season yet. Next time it starts pouring, forget your umbrellas and rain wear. Instead, get drenched, walk to the nearest Vada Pav stall, and ask for out-of-the-frying-pan fresh and steaming hot Vada Pav served with garlic and chili chutney.

(c) Vada Pav

Bhutta / Corn

Monsoons are incomplete without getting caught in the rain and relishing the charcoal-roasted bhutta sprinkled with spices. The warmth of the flame and bites of hot tangy corn make for a very comfortable setting on windy and rainy days.

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Oh, those mouthwatering, deep fried and tempting samosas. Freshly fried samosas and their aroma are sure to give anyone hunger pangs. There is something about their crunchy crust combined with the pitter-patter of raindrops that make them everyone’s favourite.

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Hearing the name Maggi brings joy and smiles to everyone, from babies to grandparents. The ‘Rain-wali Maggi’, a bowl of hot and steaming masala noodles, is exactly what you want when its raining cats and dogs. Have it soupy or dry, add veggies and cheese or keep it simple – there is no wrong way to have Maggi at all.

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Don’t we all just love the idea of hot steamed momos at any given day, especially when its windy and cold? A plate of momos with hot garlic sauce can serve as a healthy non-fried treat for satisfying hunger cravings.

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Aloo Tikki Chaat

Aloo tikki is one of the most popular street foods in Delhi. Hot and crisp aloo tikkis and their spicy chaat can be relished right off the tava. They are sure to make your tastebuds want more.

(c) Aloo Tikki Chaat


Who would not be tempted with crunchy fluffly kachoris fresh from the stove? Kachoris are a Rajashtani specialty, made out of gram flour, also relished as a dahi kachori chaat. The aloo and pyaaz stuffed kachori is a pure gastronomical delight.

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Hot soups

Soaking up the heavy showers? Protect yourself from the sneezes by sipping on a mug of your favourite hot soup. Rich, creamy tomato soup or even simple stock with mixed veggies makes for a healthy, tasty, and nutritious option while craving warmth to complement the drizzles.

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