The Best Hiking Trails In Karnataka

Coorg, India | © Philip Larson/Flickr
Coorg, India | © Philip Larson/Flickr
Karnataka is one of the best places in India to hike and trek. Its mountain ranges and hills, called ‘betta’ in Kannada (Karnataka’s official language) across the state give an incredible view of the southern landscape, both over the Ghats and flat lands. Here are nine great hiking trails in Karnataka that you shouldn’t miss.


Savandurga is about 50 km away from Bangalore in Karnataka. The beautiful lush green hill is a relatively easy climb. If you are new to trekking and feel the climb is worth the effort, then the Savandurga trek won’t disappoint.

Savandurga is one of the easier hikes in Karnataka © Earth-Bound Misfit, I / Flickr

Kalavarahalli Betta

Kalavarahalli Betta is a majestic hill with gorgeous flat lands surrounding it. Just about 70 km from Bangalore in Karnataka, Kalavarahalli gets its name from the village settlement that’s below the hill. There are two interesting caves while climbing up and a temple at the top. The misty clouds and view of Tipu Sultan’s fort makes it a great hike!

Kalavarahalli has rocky climb © Manish Chauhan / Flickr

Brahmagiri hill

Brahmagiri mountain range in Coorg lies on the Western Ghats and the green carpet on the mountains is like no other. An easy climb, Brahmagiri is quite popular with hikers. The trek pathway cuts through Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and you will be treated to views of meadows, waterfalls and rivulets.

You will pass through the wildlife sanctuary on your way to the top © Indi Samarajiva / Flickr

Kumara Parvatha

The clear blue sky on top of Kumara Parvatha is worth the difficult climb. About 260 km away from Bangalore, this mountain is located in Kukke Subhramanya. It is best to hike on Kumara Parvatha between November and February. The entire hike is about 15 km.

The entire trek is 15 km and the view is breathtaking throughout © karthick siva / Flickr


Anthargange is very different from the usual green landscape, hilly hikes in Karnataka. Rock boulders, caves and hills are a beautiful sight and an interesting topography to hike on! The caves are thrilling to pass through and the surrounding landscape is marvelous. The top from the beginning of the trek is approximately four kilometres far.

Anthargange is a rocky area and the climb shows a different flora-fauna altogether © solarisgirl / Flickr

Kunti Betta

Kunti is situated in Pandavapura, a region with easier, gentler sloping hills that makes it a trekking treat. Night treks are especially popular on this hill and, while the view is better during the day, night hike sessions are always thrilling.

The names Kunti and Pandavapura come from an Indian mythological story ‘Mahabharata’ © Aditya Patawari / Flickr


Ramanagara is quite a famous hilly region among the Hindi film industry in India and many films have been shot in this location. The weather is usually brilliant and that, while hiking, is a great boon. The entire trek would last for six kilometres and it is best to go up the hill between November and January.

A view from Ramanagara Hills near Mysore. This place is located very close to Ramanagara, on the way to Mysore.

Makalidurga hill

At an elevation of approximately 1,400 metres above sea level, Makalidurga hill satiates a much-needed thirst for tranquility. The surrounding landscape is filled with granite boulders and absolutely stunning. It is a slightly difficult hike, but only seven kilometres, so you can take your time.

Makalidurga is a portmenteau word combining names of two Goddesses – Maa Kali and Durga © Sakeeb Sabakka / Flickr

Nishani mountain range

This range is 4,100 metres above sea level on average, and has the flora and fauna of Western Ghats. Although the hike is not too difficult, it does get a little challenging at times. It is best to visit this range during monsoons, between June to August.

This hike can get challenging at times but the view is worth it © Rajeev Rajagopalan / Flickr