The Best Brunch Spots In Varanasi, India

Varanasi street | © José Morcillo Valenciano/Flickr
Varanasi street | © José Morcillo Valenciano/Flickr
Treat yourself to a plate of hot aloo puris as you wake up in Varanasi to a stunning topography of miniature waterfalls and the blessed waters of the Ganges. Varanasi, also known as Benaras, is the spiritual capital of India and is visited by millions every year. This holy sanctuary showers visitors with a unique spread of cafes and traditional restaurants. Here’s our take on the best spots in Varanasi where you can catch a a wholesome brunch or breakfast.
Samosa, Late Breakfast Snack © Kalyan Kanuri/WikiCommons

Rajat's Roof 80

Restaurant, Chinese, Indian, Italian
A quick bite at a local restaurant like Rajat’s Roof 80 lets you enjoy a late breakfast choosing from a globally inspired menu. The multi cuisine restaurant specializes in Italian, Chinese and North Indian food, showcasing a vibrant decor created around a Yogic theme. The menu is strictly vegetarian and they serve wholesome breakfast combinations such as homemade jam on toast alongside a glass of hot masala tea. Many young travelers snack on veg pakoras or a plate of mushroom spring rolls whilst visiting Assi Ghat.
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Kerela Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian, $$$
When visiting the Kerela Cafe your gastronomic journey will certainly be delightful. While you take in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee you can choose from the list of dishes showcasing the wholesome goodness of Southern cuisine. Order a plateful of steaming hot dosas, fluffy idlis or spicy uttappas as well as other vegetarian options. Sample homemade snacks at this restaurant that offers a serene atmosphere, a reasonably priced menu and prompt service.
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Banana Leaf

Restaurant, Indian
Banana Leaf is quite a famous restaurant, known for its quality food, soothing ambiance and professional staff. The restaurant delivers fresh and authentic South Indian delicacies that you can enjoy for late breakfast, from the wholesome rice platter to a good helping of spicy wada pav. Located inside Premiere Villa, this restaurant with well-furnished interiors, spacious seating and a lavish menu is one of the best places to catch a good breakfast or brunch in Varanasi. Grab a bite of the Makhanwala Paneer – a fairly light dish – or try their special, the Villa Pulao – herb rice cooked in a rich blend of spices.
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Bread of Life Bakery

Bakery, Restaurant, Italian, American, Indian
Ratatouille | ©Mon Œil/Flickr
One of the oldest establishments in Varanasi, Bread of Life Bakery is a casual dining spot where many young travelers choose to enjoy a sandwich or a hearty plate of pancakes for breakfast. The bakery is a delightful joint to come by on the streets of Varanasi, serving freshly baked goods. With sophisticated interiors and a friendly staff, the bakery offers a wonderful assortment of herbal teas that you can enjoy alongside your meals. The place has a quiet ambiance enhanced by the soft trance-like musical harmonies in the background.
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Kadambari Coffee House

Ask anyone in Varanasi where you can get the best filter coffee in the city and you’ll land at the doorsteps of the Kadambari Coffee House, located inside the Clarks Hotel. This warm and cozy café situated in the heart of Varanasi, with its soft lighting and light menu, is visited often by working professionals and students. The fresh coffee served at the café is made from a rich harvest that comes from traditional plantations in South India. Order the frothy Cappuccino or try the Mocachino. The café is also well renowned for serving a delectable breakfast.
Address and telephone number: Clarks Hotel, The Mall, Cantonment, Nadesar, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, +91-54-2250 1011

Open Hand Espresso Bar & Bistro

Bar, Bistro, Cafe, Indian, European, $$$
Enjoying a hot cup of coffee, a sunny-side up, and the dynamic view of devoted pilgrims walking past the Ganges is an ideal way to start a lazy Sunday morning. If you happen to drop by at the Open Hand Cafe, your visit will be well worth the time. This cafe, which is a non-profit establishment, focuses on developing a professional background for unskilled workers, preserving one of the best local coffee plantations. You can catch a wonderful conversation at the cafe while munching on delicious pancakes or a bowl of muesli for breakfast.
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Blue Lassi

Located near the Vishwanath Temple, Blue Lassi is one of the most popular joints in Varanasi. The place has become famous for its signature drink, the Pomegranate Orange Lassi, which is a refreshing delight. With its walls adorned with passport sized photographs, letters and postcards, the restaurant is frequently visited by many offbeat travelers. Blue Lassi delivers a variety of chilled lassis exuding a unique and irreplaceable charm. Though their products are purely vegetarian, the joint is one of the best breakfast spots in the city, where you can enjoy a fruity lassi and hot, buttery aloo parathas.
Address and telephone number: CK 12/1, Kachowari Gali Chowk, Near Rajbandhu, Bangali Tola, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002, India, +91-54-2240 1127