The 10 Best Restaurants In Mangalore, India

The 10 Best Restaurants In Mangalore, India
Mangalore is an extremely popular city in India not least because of its pristine beaches and beautiful parks. But it also offers visitors a variety of dishes and restaurants from delicious seafood to wood-baked pizzas. Here is a list of 10 restaurants you should definitely visit in Mangalore.
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Steamed Prawns with Rice Wine
Steamed Prawns with Rice Wine | © Alpha/Flickr
Pallkhi is one the most trusted and popular restaurants in Mangalore. It is one of those rare restaurants that attract couples looking for an intimate dinner as well as big groups looking to have a fun meal. It has a rooftop eating area for candlelight dinners, which offers gorgeous views of downtown Mangalore and a party hall for big groups. The menu offers traditional Mangalorean cuisine along with North Indian, South Indian and Chinese influences. It also houses a bar which stocks wines, beers and spirits ideal to accompany any meal.
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Hotel Narayana

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Fish Fry Yummy!
Fish Fry Yummy! | © siddhu2020/Flickr
Hotel Narayana, or Narayana, is a quaint and charming restaurant serving the best fish fry in the city. This little restaurant tucked near the old port was opened to serve the people working in the port but the word soon spread about its delicious dishes and today it is an iconic eatery. The menu offers vegetarian and fish meals, the latter being the star attraction. Hotel Narayana is a testament to how the love for cooking and great service can turn a tiny restaurant into a huge success.
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Giri Manja’s

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Crispy Prawn Bento - Satsuki - AUD11
Crispy Prawn Bento - Satsuki - AUD11 | © Alpha/Flickr
In Mangalore, there are many restaurants serving brilliant seafood, especially fish. Giri Manja’s is one such restaurant and might be the best among all the others. An old house which has been converted into a restaurant, the interiors makes visitors feel at home and relaxed with its peaceful ambiance and cheerful servers. There is no printed menu here but the servers will recite the specials and dishes of the day. There are no separate tables and chairs but two long tables, giving it a communal feel. The menu here mainly consists of seafood. Giri Manja is one of the most visited places in Mangalore and should be on your list too.
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Roasted Chicken
Roasted Chicken | © Marjan Lazarevski/Flickr
Maharaja is a famous restaurant in Mangalore that’s preferred by families looking for a place to have an affordable lunch or dinner. It has an outdoor seating area as well as a spacious air conditioned section. Maharaja is well-known for its North Indian fares and its star attraction being the veg and non-vegetarian ghee roast. The service is prompt and it also serves delicious desserts.
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Gajalee is very popular in Mangalore and throughout India too. It is located upon a hilltop and offers the most stunning views of the city and its natural surroundings. An old circuit-house from the British India era, the building was converted into Gajalee. The ambiance is a very relaxed and the French windows along with the whitewashed walls make the experience of dining in Gajalee a marvellous one.
Address: Circuit House Compound Kadri Hills Vasanth Vihar, Kadri Mangaluru, Karnataka 575004

Madhuvans Village

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A dish of crab
A dish of crab | © Takashi Hososhima/Flickr
Located slightly outside the city, Madhuvans Village is a popular family restaurant known for its seafood and continental fares. The restaurant is caters for families and serves various cuisines from places such as North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Mughlai. The décor with its thatched roof, mud pots and wooden items give a sense of being in a rural area or a village. It’s a great place to go with your family for a dinner filled with delicious food, loved ones and a calming ambiance.
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Sizzler’s Ranch

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Located near the Mangalore City Corporation, Sizzler’s Ranch, as the name suggests, is known only for its sizzlers. The sizzlers here are extremely delicious. Although this restaurant is a heaven for meat lovers, there are many delicious vegetarian options too. Sizzler’s Ranch also offers great desserts which should be tried despite the enormous main meal portions.
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Janatha Deluxe

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Thali | © innacoz/Flickr
A favourite among the residents of Mangalore, this restaurant is over two decades old. Janatha Deluxe is an all vegetarian restaurant usually preferred by the masses for a hearty breakfast before they head to work, it also offers an array of options of lunch and dinner too, and all this at affordable prices. From traditional South Indian cuisines to North Indian foods, Janatha Deluxe has managed to keep its customers happy with both cuisines being top notch in quality and taste.
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Smoke N Oven

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Smoke N Oven is a popular restaurant among the younger crowd. It is famous for its wood-baked pizzas with wafer thin crusts. The place has a vibrant feel to it reminiscent of being in a shack on the beach rather than in a city. The menu is quite small and mainly Italian, but the small menu does make up in flavour what it lacks in variety. Smoke N Oven is a delightful place to visit for pizzas, pasta, calzones and many other dishes with friends over a long evening.
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Sagar Ratna

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Situated in Hotel Ocean Pearl is the famous vegetarian restaurant Sagar Ratna. Most citizens of Mangalore swear by this restaurant because of its authentic cooking, delicious taste and co-operative staff. The menu offers North Indian, South Indian and Chinese fare, with the South Indian being the most well known. The thali (full meal) is a star attraction here. Sagar Ratna is a great place to visit alone or with family to have a quiet meal any time of the day.
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