The 10 Best Restaurants In Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Bhubaneswar |© Andrew Moore/Flickr
Bhubaneswar |© Andrew Moore/Flickr
With a history going back over 3000 years, the city of Bhubaneswar has a lot to offer, from ancient temples to stunning architecture. After wandering about the city taking in the sights, heading to a relaxing restaurant is the idea way to keep discovering the city’s culture. Here’s some of the best restaurants for trying the local cuisine in Bhubaneswar.
Udaygiri & Khandagiri Caves in Bhubaneswar © Steve Browne & John Verkleir/Flickr


Restaurant, Thai, Indian, Asian
Located close to the Bhubaneswar airport, Zaika is a well known multi-cuisine restaurant located at the Pal Hotel. It’s a favourite among people looking to have a great experience or for special events. The menu features dishes from various cuisines, but its strength lies in its North Indian fare. They also have lunch buffets which are the star attraction among its patrons.
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Restaurant, Indian, $$$
Ondu Plate Idli Vada
Ondu Plate Idli Vada | © Harsha K R/Flickr
Every city has that one restaurant which has been in existence seemingly forever and everybody knows that even if everything fails, that restaurant will always be there. Truptee is that restaurant in Bhubaneswar. A cool and clean basement restaurant, Truptee is the place to go for a simple yet delicious meal. It opens early in the morning, making it a breakfast special for many people. The servers are friendly and always smiling, making visitors immediately feel at home. This restaurant doesn’t score well on décor or style, but it does serve the best vegetarian meals in the city, making it an eternal favourite among the residents of Bhubaneswar.
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Tangerine 9

Restaurant, Indian, $$$
Tangerine 9 or T9 as its popularly known is a beloved restaurant in Bhubaneswar with a reputation of turning people into loyal customers on their first visit. It’s known mainly for its North Indian and Chinese fare. Tangerine 9 has a simple décor with lots of sunlight peeping in through its large windows looking out towards the Master Canteen. This is one place to visit if looking for delicious Chinese or Tandoori dishes on a decent budget.
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Tucked inside the Mayfair Lagoon is the tiny and charming Kanika. It is the place to go for traditional Odisha cuisine. Unlike most Indian cuisines, Odisha cuisine is milder to the taste buds. Cooked in brass utensils and with mustard oil, Kanika does a marvellous job of providing regional Odishan dishes. The décor is welcoming and styled in a way to make visitors feel that they are in a traditional Oriya home. Highlights from the menu include dalma and Odisha’s most traditional dessert, chenna poda (burnt cheese cooked with cashew and nuts and sugar).
Address: Jayadev Vihar Bhubaneshwar, Odisha 751013

Hare Krishna Restaurant

Restaurant, Vegetarian
A purely vegetarian restaurant, the Hare Krishna Restaurant is one place to go for a delicious breakfast or dinner with family and friends. The dishes are cooked according to ISKCON principle, with no onion or garlic, while keeping the food flavourful and delicious. Situated at a walking distance from the Bhubaneswar railway station, the restaurant is often packed with travelers. Expect prompt service and delicious dishes at affordable rates.
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Restaurant, Indian, $$$
Lamb Biryani
Lamb Biryani | © Andrea Lai/Flickr
Keyar’s has done two things right ever since it opened its doors. One, it has served delicious food which turned first time visitors into regular customers. Two, it never allowed its quality to decrease. This is the reason why Keyar’s is one Bhubaneswar’s most famous restaurants. It’s not the most fancy or the one with the unique décor; it’s the restaurant where locals go with their friends for a hearty meal and some great conversation.
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Silver Streak

One of Bhubaneswar’s most acclaimed restaurants, Silver Streak is the name that comes to mind when Chinese cuisine is mentioned. The reason for Silver Streak’s success lies in its attitude. Unlike most restaurants serving Chinese cuisine, Silver Streak keeps the dishes authentic. It keeps updating its menus regularly and also offer its patrons the opportunity to watch their dishes being cooked from scratch from the open kitchen. Silver Streak is also famous for a range of coffees served, which are well worth a try.
Address: Plot No. A/103, 1st Floor, Mik Nik Mall, National Highway 5, Nayapalli Bhubaneshwar, Odisha 751012

Bling It On

Restaurant, Mexican, Italian, $$$
Bling It On is one of Bhubaneswar’s top fine dining places offering a diverse range of cuisines such as Italian, Mexican and Continental fare. The restaurant has a chic décor with fancy lighting and a striking design, and visitors can expect prompt service. Bling it On is often frequented by friends looking for a great time or by couples for an intimate dinner.
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Garam Masala

Restaurant, Indian, Chinese, $$$
Punjabi curried beans
Punjabi curried beans | © emilee rader/Flickr
One of the well known restaurants in Bhubaneswar, Garam Masala lives up to its name, with its food tilting towards the spicier side. The menu offers a range of Chinese and North Indian dishes. The restaurant has a very laid back feel, looking more like a café with its hanging lights and simple seating arrangement. It’s one of the few restaurants known for its excellent staff service, so it’s always a treat to dine at Garam Masala.
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Nakli Dhaba

One of Bhubaneswar’s most famous restaurants, Nakli Dhaba tries to incorporate the true atmosphere of a highway dhaba (entries on the highway for tired drivers). The décor of the place resembles a real dhaba with huge truck tires, a truck dismantled into two and a village well. The food is mainly Punjabi cuisine and dishes from the local regions. The interiors are classy with their cloth based false ceilings and decorated walls. The price is a bit of the higher side, but it’s worth it.

Address: MAYFAIR Lagoon 8-B, Jaydev Vihar Bhubaneshwar, Odisha 751013