The 10 Best Brunch and Breakfast Spots in Kolkata

Sureshbbb / wikicommons
Sureshbbb / wikicommons
Whether you’re looking to grab a bagel and coffee on the go or indulge in a leisurely Bengali breakfast, Kolkata’s numerous cafés, bakeries and restaurants have got you covered. From idlis (savoury cakes) to parathas (flatbread) and quiches, the breakfast menus are rich and varied in the capital of India’s West Bengal state. Here are some of the city’s finest spots to chow down like a local.

Putiram Sweets

Dessert Shop, Indian, Dessert, Pastries

For a traditional Bengali breakfast, there’s no better place to go than the historic Putiram Sweets. Serving perhaps the city’s most famous cholar dal (aromatic lentil dish flavoured with spices) and radhaballavi (stuffed puri), this modest haunt is almost always packed with customers – a testimony to their quality food. Doubling as a sweet shop and restaurant, it opens at 6am, which is much earlier than most of Kolkata’s breakfast places.

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The Country House

Cafe, Indian, Fusion, Fast Food, Vegetarian, Coffee, Tea

Whether you’re craving aloo parathas (flatbread stuffed with spicy potatoes and onions) mix or chicken and waffles, The Country House will gladly serve you the breakfast of your dreams. With a comprehensive menu spanning cuisines, freshly brewed coffee and tea, as well as free wi-fi, this stylish café is a gem in the Kolkata culinary world. Did we mention the Nutella pancakes and waffles?

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Bombay Shiv Sagar

Restaurant, Indian, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$

This vegetarian joint offers some of the best pav bhaji (vegetable curry) in Kolkata. But it also offers scrumptious dosas (pancakes made from rice flour and ground pulses), idlis, vadas (savoury fried snack), uttapams (lentil pancakes topped with vegetables) and more. There’s also the chance to opt for a typical veggie Indian breakfast, paired with freshly brewed masala chai (tea infused with spices and herbs) or filter coffee.

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Wise Owl

Cafe, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Indian, Vegetarian, Vegan, $$$

With some of the best coffee in the city, Wise Owl has already carved a space for itself as one of Kolkata’s top breakfast joints. Think pancakes, sandwiches, egg dishes and more, all served amid delightfully artsy décor, or al fresco on the outdoor seating.

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Banana Leaf

Cafe, Restaurant, Market, Indian, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$

If you’re looking for crispy, savoury dosas and filter coffee, then head to the modest yet popular Banana Leaf. Along with a good range of idli, vada and uttapam offerings, the restaurant also offers South Indian delicacies such as appam (pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk), upma (rava-based porridge), pongal (rice lentil dish) and bisi bele bath (spicy lentil rice).

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Bakery, Pastry Shop, Cafe, Indian, Vegetarian, Pastries, Dessert, $$$
Biswarup Ganguly
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For buttery, hearty baked goods washed down with hot and flavorful tea, head to this stylish tearoom. Established in 1927, Flurys has earned a place among Kolkata’s most important culinary institutions. There’s a delicious range of cakes, pastries and other delicacies, while the signature Flurys tea is a particularly popular beverage.

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Café Organica

Cafe, Indian, Fast Food, Coffee, Tea , $$$

Cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, protein-packed egg white omelettes, nutritious smoothies: Café Organica is definitely one of the best picks for a wholesome, healthy breakfast. The café’s simple yet stylish décor and outdoor seating is an added bonus.

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Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian, Vegan, $$$

Does a restaurant serving hearty Mughlai fare for breakfast sound too good to be true? Dig into warm tandoori rotis (flatbreads) and savoury mutton curries as early as 6am at this legendary Kolkata eatery to truly kick-start your day.

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8th Day Café & Bakery

Cafe, Bakery, American, Tea , Coffee, Fast Food, Vegetarian, $$$

This delightful, cosy café offers hearty bagels, quiches, buttery scones and some of the best coffee in town. With plush seating and warmly lit interiors, this is a comforting place to begin your morning.

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The Bikers Café

Cafe, Indian, Fast Food, Vegetarian, Coffee, Tea , $$$

This motorbike-themed restaurant has one of the richest breakfast menus in the city. From buttery Paranthas and samosas, to bacon and eggs and pancakes, The Bikers Cafe has you covered. Freshly brewed coffee and tea, plus some very interesting décor, only make this place better.

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