The 10 Best Breakfast Spots In Udaipur, India

Lake Pichola | © JeffHart/Flickr
Lake Pichola | © JeffHart/Flickr
Photo of Kalpana Satish
12 December 2016

Located besides Lake Pichola and between the Aravalli Hills, Udaipur is a city that needs exploring. From the natural scenery to the architectural wonders, the history of old, royal India seeps from the Rajput edifices. Enjoy one of these top-notch breakfast options as you try to take it all in.

Located besides Lake Pichola and between the Aravalli Hills, Udaipur is a city that needs exploring | © Pixabay

Jaiwana Haveli Rooftop Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian, Asian
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Located on the Pichola Lake waterfront, this restaurant is a rooftop favorite, perfect to watch the sun come up. There is nothing better than to see the fog surrounding the distant peaks at dawn, and the sun glistening against the water. The food is just as great. There are a variety of options such as Namaste Breakfast, which provides a handful of choices such as fruit platters, farm fresh eggs and parathas. If that’s not satisfactory, there are also items such as porridge with honey, museli with milk, French toast, and some local Indian dishes.

Café Namaste French Bakery

Restaurant, Indian, Pastries, $$$
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This café is located on the main road and is quite easy to spot. The central location, within The Hotel Gangaur Palace, makes it a busy hub. The bakery is quaint and small but filled with the aromas of freshly baked pastries. These items will have you falling in love with the French idea of breakfast. There are also some fantastic coffees on the menu.

Sai Baba Nashta Center

Restaurant, Indian
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Aloo Paratha and Dahi | © GayatriKrishnamoorthy/Flickr
Aloo Paratha and Dahi | © GayatriKrishnamoorthy/Flickr

Indulge in an Indian delicacy known as the paratha. These heavy-stuffed bread dishes will keep customers fuelled for a day full of sightseeing, walking and touring. The meals here usually come with two parathas, yogurt and lentil soup. There are many varieties to choose from, while parathas stuffed with cauliflower, potato and radish are amongst the most popular.

Café Edelweiss

Cafe, Indian, European, Vegetarian, $$$
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This German coffee shop has been in Udaipur since 1999 and is the oldest standing café in the city. It originally gained its fame by being the first shop to have an espresso machine and serve freshly ground coffee. Up early in the morning, customers can come over for a light meal with pastries, yogurts, salads, juices and coffees.

Jagat Niwas

4.6/5 (91 Reviews)
From $41 Per night per room

Sometimes a dining experience is about more than just the food. In fact, the entire ambiance here contributes to the experience. Located in a old mansion that doubles as a five-star hotel, this classy restaurant is on a terrace with fabulous views over the city. It has a good combination of traditional food that has Western influences that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Palki Khana

Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian
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The name Palki comes from the working palanquins (covered sedan chair), which were used extensively during the time of the Maharajas in Udaipur. Accordingly, royal Indian culture emanates throughout the food here and the ambiance of the restaurant is regal. Get your perfect morning coffee kick with with a touch of class.

Natraj Dining Hall

Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian, Asian, $$$
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Here, at Natraj, traditional vegetarian platters, known as thalis, are served up regularly. Each platter has a different assortment of Indian dishes for customers to sample. The most important part of this restaurant is the food and the flavors, which certainly take centre stage over the stripped-down and simple interior. That said, expect a lively local crowd and some of the finest spice flavors in town.

Shri Lala Misthan

Dessert Shop, Indian, Dessert
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Kachoris | © HarshaKR/Flickr

If you haven’t had a kachori in India, then you haven’t really sampled the local cuisine. Some of the best Indian foods are the ones found on the streets and this Shri Lala Misthan is ubiquitous in Udaipur. A kachori is a spicy, deep-fried snack that has a crispy outer layer and can be stuffed with a variety of vegetables. These little savory pastries are a perfect on-the-go meal for those early, busy mornings.

Millets of Mewar

Restaurant, Indian, Asian, Fusion, $$$
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Millets is the first health food restaurant in Udaipur. For all those food addicts that have allergies or are trying to watch what they eat, this is the place to go. All ingredients are local, sustainable and organic. The dishes are typically Indian and packed full of flavorsome spices.

Fakhri Sandwich

Restaurant, Indian, Middle Eastern, Fusion, Street Food
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This stand concocts some of the most intense Arabian flavors in Udaipur. The place has been around for over 10 years and is something of an Indian sandwich shop. Their menu is simple and they have a few seriously tasty items on offer. Mutton is a staple here in dishes such as mutton patties, mutton samosas, and mutton kebabs. For early mornings, they also serve egg sandwiches and other savory options.

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