The 10 Best Bars In New Delhi, India

©  Tomertu / Shutterstock
© Tomertu / Shutterstock
§The capital and cultural heart of India, New Delhi is an astounding city filled with contrasts. Of note is the city’s bar scene, filled with unexpected offerings, from themed bars to decadent, upmarket affairs.  We explore 10 of the best bars in New Delhi.
Streets of Delhi at night © Shanti Hesse / Shutterstock

Streets of Delhi at night © Shanti Hesse / Shutterstock

Bar, Restaurant, Mexican, $$$$
Rodeo Bar is a quirky Mexican style bar found in New Delhi

Rodeo Bar is a quirky Mexican style bar found in New Delhi | © Mikhail Starodubov / Shutterstock

What could be better than ordering drinks from a cowboy? The answer: very little. Rodeo is a quirky, Mexican restaurant-bar in the heart of New Delhi, with a fun, Wild West theme. The interior immediately transports you to a Wild West movie. Cacti, wooden furniture and the typical high bar stools featuring, as well as numerous cowboy hats and ponchos serving as brightly coloured decor. The drinks are equally excellent, with delicious margaritas and traditional tequila-based drinks adding to the atmosphere.

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Bar, Restaurant, Indian$$

On entering Barrels, the decor and atmosphere immediately floods you with nostalgia for your college days. The graffiti on the walls, the road markings decorating the floor – all are reminiscent of a quirky, familiar college bar. Barrels is the melting point of artists, musicians, comedians and foodies, Barrels is a colorful haven for people with colorful ideas. Perfect for grabbing a relaxing drink, Barrels also offers a great range of bar food and snacks. The cigar rolls (stuffed with cheese and corn) are a must have.

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Guppy by ai
Restaurant, Market, Japanese, Sushi, $$$$
Guppy by Ai

Guppy by Ai | © Guppy Facebook

Guppy by ai is a contemporary Japanese bar. Not just a place with momos or sushis, Guppy by ai’s aims to break the public perception about Japanese cuisine. The pearl of Guppy by ai’s is the award-winning chef Vikram Khatri. This chef believes in the freshness of his ingredients and the authenticity of his technique, creating fireworks of flavors with his kitchen wonders. The use of pastel colors on the walls brings out the relaxed ambience of the bar. There are also anime illustrations on the walls and seats. The bar has been purely designed by artists and vendors all over India. This bar is a contempory wonderland.
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Social Offline

The purpose of Social Offline bar is, much as its name suggests, to communicate offline. It is a silent bar, with none of the disco neon lights or rave music some might expect from a bar environment. Rather, it is a huge space designed for chatting and relaxing. The bar even has a second floor where you can reserve a personal cubicle for yourself to work. Social Offline has a very fresh, contemporary feel, with hashtags used to label drinks, quirky industrial lighting and plenty of open space. The drinks are also delicious, with a range of classic and signature cocktails to suit all tastes.

28A, Defence Colony Market, New Delhi, India, +91 78385 20799

Nightclub, Bar, Indian$$

A luxurious bar with an 85-foot swimming pool, on which are reflecting the hot pink lights that dominate the interior of the bar, i-Kandy is an unmissable New Delhi experience. The bar is a mix of pink lights, shined wood surfaces and palm trees, creating an exciting party atmosphere. i-Kandy ensures an incredible experience with excellent, freshly made drinks, appetizing snacks and late-night dancing to the best of Delhi’s DJs.

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Kitty Su
Bar, Nightclub, Pub Grub, Wine, Cocktails, Beer, Indian, $$$$$

Located in The Lalit New Delhi in the heart of the capital, Kitty Su is a second home for electronic dance and music lovers. The bar is divided into three parts: A (the A list area), The Salon (a mini nightclub) and The Dressing Room (the champagne lounge). The Kitty Su features wall paintings and sculptures inspired from Kamasutra, an intriguing and risqué décor for a bar, creating a clandestine atmosphere. The bar itself is long and well tended, meaning ordering drinks is a quick and pleasant experience. The drinks themselves are expertly made and delicious.

Party all night at Kitty Su © Nykonchuk Oleksii / Shutterstock

Party all night at Kitty Su © Nykonchuk Oleksii / Shutterstock | © Nykonchuk Oleksii / Shutterstock

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Kylin Sky Bar
Bar, Restaurant, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian$$
Kylin Skybar

Kylin Skybar | © Kylin Skybar

Announced the ‘Best Lounge Bar’ in Delhi 2014 by Times Food and Nightlife, Kylin Sky Bar is not one to be missed. As the name suggests, the bar is best known for its open ceiling. Kylin Sky Bar gives one of the most spectacular experiences. Guests not only have a impressive list of beverages to choose from, but can also enjoy their drinks while looking at the starry night right above their head. The chef’s special sushi platter is a must-have.

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Harry's Karaoke Lounge Bar
Bar, Indian, $$$$
Karaoke bar at Harry's Karaoke Lounge Bar

Karaoke bar at Harry's Karaoke Lounge Bar | © Olinchuk/Shutterstock

Harry’s Karaoke Lounge Bar

Harry’s Karaoke Lounge Bar is dedicated with to lovers of music. ‘Music for the soul, food for the tummy’, are the lines they live by. It is the first bar throughout India to launch the concept of Karaoke, and it has done so with great enthusiasm. In Harry’s Karaoke Lounge bar they not only encourage guests to sing along, but also feature live singers. These singers perform and organize theme nights dedicated to English songs, Hindi songs or tributes to a specific singer or celebrity. Those who are a little shy will appreciate the delicious drinks which only help to make the experience more comfortable.

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Striker Pub
Microbrewery at the Striker Pub

Microbrewery at the Striker Pub | © Leszek Czerwonka/Shutterstock

Striker Pub has been awarded the ‘best ambiance’ by Times Night. With a great rooftop space and a spacious, glitzy interior it’s not hard to see why. The bar is established inside the Global Foyer Mall. Striker Pub has their own microbrewery, therefore expect to enjoy a fine, fresh and pure brew directly into your glass. There are also frequent live music events and a delicious menu of multi-ethnic cuisine.

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The Chatter House

The Chatter House is doubtless one of the classiest bars in New Delhi, with their gold crest welcoming guests at the entrance. The use of dark green and wood creates a nostalgic atmosphere. The Chatter House is also a great place to watch sports: a huge projector screens whichever popular match is showing that day. Locals and tourists alike join in with the cheering and commentary, resulting in a cheerful and enthusiastic environment.

F-15, S-2-3, Lower Ground Floor, Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019, India, +91 11 2623 7777

Breakfast at © Anna Mente / Shutterstock

Breakfast at The Chatter House © Anna Mente / Shutterstock