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Selection Day by Aravind Adiga| © PanMacmillian
Selection Day by Aravind Adiga| © PanMacmillian
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India's Bestselling Novels Of 2016

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Updated: 6 October 2016
This year of 2016 has been a fantastic year for book releases in India. Featuring comebacks from quite a few literary superstars including Amitav Ghosh and Arvind Adiga, we’ve been given quite a few interesting reads already. Here is a roundup of some of the bestselling book releases so far this year.

Rekha: The Untold Story

From Yasser Usman, TV journalist and author of the bestselling Rajesh Khanna: The Untold Story of India’s First Superstar, comes yet another biography of a fascinating Bollywood icon. The book traces Bollywood diva Rekha’s entry into the industry as a fourteen-year-old and her journey to becoming one of the most glamorous stars in film.

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The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma

This novel from Ratika Kapur, whose first novel Overwinter was long-listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize and is an examination of the clash between tradition and modernity in contemporary India. It comments on the contradictions through the tale of Delhi resident Renuka Sharma – a dutiful wife, mother, daughter-in-law and an embodiment of traditional Indian values.

Selection Day

Arvind Adiga has been gifting us with strikingly thought-provoking reads since his Man Booker Prize winning debut novel, White Tiger in 2008. Set in the world of cricket in Mumbai, it tells the tale of two young, cricket-stardom chasing siblings, Manjunath and Radha, from one of the city’s many shacks. As is the case with his work, Adiga’s book is a social and moral commentary stretching much beyond the stories of the protagonists.

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Everyone Has A Story

Savi Sharma’s debut novel tells the story of 4 main characters: Meera, a fledgling writer in search of a story that can touch millions of lives, Vivaan, an aspiring globetrotter and assistant branch manager at Citibank, Kabir, a café manager who desires something of his own and Nisha, the despondent café customer who keeps secrets of her own. This straight forward page-turner is taking critics by storm.

A Forgotten Affair

Kanchana Banerjee’s debut fictional novel, A Forgotten Affair tells the story of Sagarika Mehta who walks out of her nine-year-old marriage, meets with a near-fatal accident and goes into a deep coma all on the same day. After six months, she wakes up with no memory of her past. When she is discharged from hospital a year later, Rishab, her husband, whisks her away to an unfamiliar address in Gurgaon to convalesce. This gripping novel is not to be missed.

Climate Change and the Unthinkable

One of the country’s finest novelists, Amitov Ghosh makes a return to non-fiction with an examination of our inability to grasp the scale and violence of climate change. Arguing that the extreme nature of today’s climate change events makes them resistant to our imaginative capacities, Ghosh makes a summons to confront the most urgent task of our time.

It’s All In The Planets

Bestselling author Preeti Shenoy’s latest novel tells interlocking stories of 27-year-old techie Aniket, his best friend Subbu, Nidhi who has quit her corporate job to follow her passion, among others. A story of chance, fate and destiny, this entertaining read is perfect to curl up with when you need a pick me up.