Meet The Man Behind The Mumbai Movie Center Matterden CFC

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10 April 2017

Matterden CFC in Mumbai is defined by its founder Pranav Asher as “an arts-media company making people live creative by telling great stories.” Locals know it as the only venue that hosts beautiful world cinema in the city. Culture Trip met up with Ashar to learn his story.

Courtesy Pranav Ashar

The Culture Trip: What’s your journey with Matterden been like? Can you take us on a short trip down memory lane?

Pranav Asher: Matterden started with film production followed by film society screenings at various venues across the world, home video retail, online video, and visual art. Recently, we forayed into the exhibition space with Matterden Center. Matterden Center being a dedicated physical space we needed great stories to tell. Hence, we invested heavily in getting the best films from across the world for our audience. The space owners have been so very gracious and open to experimentation that now it has started to pay off. Matterden CFC at The Deepak has been extremely special for all of us involved. Passionate ideas about the art, committed people who are working with us and love of audience has kept us on the journey of growth. Overall, setting up Matterden has been an extremely fulfilling journey.

TCT: What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into this business or do something similar?

PA: Dedicate your complete creative selves to your work and tell great stories.

TCT: What’s next?

PA: Telling great stories remain an integral and a core part of our work. Matterden aims to be at the forefront of the latest technological advancements in the fields of arts and media, preferring to not be complacent by just screening independent films and art. Apart from film screenings at our center, which will keep happening, we are currently exploring virtual reality technology, for immersive virtual reality experience, and developing new ways by which film content can be created and consumed.

We are trying to see what different visual experiences we can bring to movies. Cinema is going to evolve into a completely different medium in the next three to five years, even faster perhaps. Matterden focuses to be the art and the medium.

TCT: What is your dream project?

PA: Matterden, the company itself

TCT: What would a movie made about you be titled?

PA: Pranav Ashar

TCT: Quickfire Questions: Android or iOS?

PA: For now, iOS.

TCT: Tarantino or Scorsese?

PA: Tarantino.

TCT: Hollywood or Bollywood?

PA: All cinema.

TCT: Coffee or tea?

PA: None.

TCT: The beach or the hills?

PA: Both.

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