India’s Top Fitness Instagrammers You Should Follow

Two joggers | © Pixabay / Pexels
Two joggers | © Pixabay / Pexels
Photo of Sridevi Nambiar
3 January 2018

From India’s leading Pilates instructor to one of its most popular CrossFit trainers, the fitness Instagrammers featured below are as accomplished as they are inspiring. If you are looking for some fitness inspiration, look no further than this list of India’s top fitness Instagrammers who are every bit deserving of your following.

Yasmin Karachiwala

Possibly India’s most famous Pilates instructor, Yasmin Karachiwala has been putting a good deal of effort into maintaining an inspiring Instagram presence. From instructional videos to dietary tips and her training regimens with Bollywood stars, her page is a gold mine for Pilates aficionados. The best part is that her videos are mostly of workouts you can do from home—sans reformer or other Pilates equipment.

Miss Shivangi Bhatnagar

From a low-key page meant to track her progress with Kayla Itsines’ famed BBG guide, Shivangi Bhatnagar’s Instagram has grown to a vibrant source of continued fitness inspiration and knowledge. She posts strength and conditioning home workout videos, meal prep ideas, as well as recipes for all sorts of healthy meals—customized for Indian kitchens. Her notes on her transformation are particularly encouraging and welcomingly free from the usual traps of such transformation posts.

|| Leg Day II – Booty Workout || Looking forward to a bootiful 2018 with my last workout for the year! _ 🍑Squats 4 x 12 Like I mentioned, I train my legs thrice a week, and irrespective of what muscle I’m specifically training, I always start with 3-4 sets of squats. The one thing I started doing differently on #bootyday, is learning to involve them in the big basic, I.e., the squat. Now this is easier said than done because I’ve always found my quads take over during a squat, and so, while understanding how to activate & produce tension in my glutes has taken forever, I’m happy to say it’s working (and totally worth it)! 😌 _ 🍑Wide Squats 3 x 15 This squat variation has to be a glute day staple, given how it targets the glutes (and that stubborn inner thigh!) so much better than a regular squat. Remember to really open up your hips & point your toes out. This helps increase a spiral tension that will activate your glutes. _ 🍑Glute Thrusts SS/ Hip Thrusts 3 x 20 While the glutes are "activated" during compound exercises, squats aren't enough to really build glutes, mostly because my legs end up sharing most of the tension. Now there’s really nothing better than the hip thrust to build a better booty.. Provideddd you’re doing it right. There’s just no point treating the exercise like a powerlift if your main purpose is to train & build your glutes. If you start going heavy, other muscles will help out & you’ll no longer be isolating your glutes. Keep it light weight with high reps to really make em work 🔥 I superset these with hip thrusts & what’s great about these is that your body weight is more than enough if you squeeeeeze your glutes at the top. _ 🍑Kettlebell Kneel to Squat Now this one’s a super finisher for when I’ve completely exhausted my glutes, and it’s something I know I’ll be thinking of every time I try sitting down tomorrow 🤦🏽‍♀️ #doitforthebooty #misssbworkouts #nevermisssblegday

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Sweaty Swetha

The super impressive Swetha Devraj is both a practicing doctor and a super popular CrossFit trainer, so you know that you are in safe hands when you give this page a follow. From workouts, stretch routines and notes on her adventures as a runner to meal prep and vegan diet tips, this page is informative, inspiring, and outright enjoyable.

Devrath Vijay

Co-founder of The Outfit, one of Bengaluru’s most popular functional training centers, Devrath Vijay is clearly dedicated to sharing his impressive knowledge of fitness with his Insta followers. From animal flow routines to tips on stretching, the topics he covers are wide and every bit useful.

Sonali Swami

For old-school bodybuilding, this super inspiring page is one you should be following. Having competed in several national and international bodybuilding forums, Sonali Swami has tried and tested fitness tips from which all of us could benefit. From workout routines to tips on nutrition and mental health, her Instagram page has abundant material that’s helpful.

🌈Here's a glimpse of some of the LUNGE VARIATIONS I choose from on my leg day: . . 1: Static Lunges- This a good alternative and a change to my usual walking lunges. These can come in very handy during busy times at your gym or if you don't have enough space to do normal walking lunges. . 2: Step up and lunge – This is one of my favourite exercises, as it works the glutes very well. And anything that hits glutes hard, is my favourite. . 3: Bulgarian Split Squat: This is another one that works the glutes very well. Just be careful of your foot position of your front foot, because if your foot is not forward enough, you won't hit your glutes properly and can also cause knee issues. . 4: Courtesy Lunges – This is not a very common variation, but works the glutes very well. The only thing you need to be careful of is, if not done correctly you can hurt knee. But definitely a very effective glutes exercise. . 5: Walking Lunges – This is definitely one of my favourites. Best thing I like about this one is, it's very demanding on endurance and also is one of the best full body exercises. . 3-4 sets ,10-15 each side So, there you go 🤗🙌🏼❤️( those delts though 🤗💪🏼🤫) . 🌈 CHECK IG STORIES FOR MORE INFORMATION N TIPS . @optimumnutri_in @fixmynutrition @allovernuts @adidaswomen #giftedbyadidas #bbg #trainharder #workoutmotivation #workout #bodybuilding #adidaswomen #physique #shredded #muscles #abs #bodygoals #bodytransformation #bodybuildinglifestyle #bodyweight #bodycare #bodyfit #fitmodel #bodyfitness #bbgfamily #shoulders #athlete #delts #womenwholift #gymshark #gymtime #gymjunkie #gymgirl #gymrat #gymmotivation

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Prashant Sawant

Owner of Bodysculptor, one of Mumbai’s premier workout centers, and personal trainer to all of Bollywood’s biggest names—from Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan—Prashant Sawant is a legitimate authority in all fitness matters. His Instagram page is filled with videos, tips and all sorts of inspiring content—often featuring your favorite Bollywood star—so don’t hold back on that “follow.”

Namrata Purohit

Yet another Pilates instructor deserving of your follow, Namrata Purohit maintains a vibrant Instagram page full of fitness inspiration. As one of the founders of The Pilates Studio, one of Mumbai’s premier fitness centers, and the youngest person to have been a certified Stott Pilates instructor, Purohit is well versed in her subject and a trusty source from which to get your fitspo.