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Umiam Lake | Nori Syamsunder Rao / Flickr
Umiam Lake | Nori Syamsunder Rao / Flickr

India's Most Stunning Sunrise Spots

Picture of Sridevi Nambiar
Updated: 9 January 2018

Earlier, we brought to you a list of the most stunning places to watch the sunset in India. Now we’ve rounded up a list of the most stunning sunrise points in the country. North to south, east to west, these are the most beautiful sights to feed your eyes first thing in the morning.

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

India’s most celebrated sunrise point is at the southernmost tip of its mainland, at the coast of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. The meeting point of three bodies of water – the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea – Kanyakumari is a unique destination worth visiting. Along with the spectacular view of the sunrise, at over the 95 feet tall, Thiruvalluvar statue is also a sight not to be missed.

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Few sights are more rejuvenating than a picturesque beach sunrise. Kovalam Beach in southern Kerala provides some of the most stunning views of the sun’s emergence over the waters of the Arabian Sea. Almost always quiet around this time of the morning, the 17-kilometre long stretch of beach offers plenty of great points with exceptional sunrise views.

Kovalam, Kerala

Rann of Kutch

The Great Rann of Kutch, India’s famous ‘white desert’, is a salt marsh located within the Thar Desert in Gujarat. One the world’s largest salt deserts, it is a spectacular sight to visit regardless of the time of day. However, the seemingly endless white sands of Kutch form a uniquely stunning sight when hit by the first rays of the sun.

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

This hill station atop the Satpura range of mountains is where the highest point in the state of Madhya Pradesh is located. Located at an elevation of over 3500 feet and looking over nearby mountains, Pachmarhi’s sunrise point is the ideal location to start your day with mindfulness and a spectacular view.

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh

Among India’s most visited and globally recognized monuments, the Taj Mahal also happens to be one of the country’s most iconic sunrise spots. Though you’ll find yourself with a sizeable crowd as company, sunrise also happens to be a relatively calmer and quieter time to take in the beauty of one of the world’s most celebrated monuments of love.

Dharmapuri, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 

Umiam Lake, Meghalaya

Just 15 kilometres north of Shillong, this large artificial lake is among Meghalaya’s most visited tourist attractions. Sunrise is a particularly grand affair here with the crystal clear waters of the Umiam Lake reflecting light in hues of blues, pinks and yellows. Surrounded by green hills, the lake is also a popular destination for a variety of water sports.

Umiam Lake, Meghalaya

Nubra Valley, Jammu and Kashmir

You will have to traverse the world’s highest motorable road (the Khardung La pass) and plan your travels around tough terrains and extreme temperatures, but sunrise at Ladakh’s Nubra Valley can be a worthwhile experience. Overlooking green patches that stand like oases surrounded by the arid and the rocky mountains of the Karakoram range, this stunning valley is among India’s most unique spots to soak in the first rays of the sun.

Nubra Valley, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir