India's 10 Best Hidden Beaches

Tourists in India are seeking out newer and less explored beaches in the country such as the Karwar Beach | © Sarangib/Pixabay
Tourists in India are seeking out newer and less explored beaches in the country such as the Karwar Beach | © Sarangib/Pixabay
Photo of Arun Venkatraman
2 February 2018

India’s long and majestic coastline is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, only a fraction of these have gone on to become popular and been commercialised, and there remains a large number of pristine coasts and sun-kissed beaches that are largely unexplored. If spending time alone is on your mind, here are some of the most breathtaking hidden beaches that deserve your attention.

Bhogwe Beach, Maharashtra

Located just a five-minute trek away from the town of Parule, Bhogwe Beach is one of the most underrated beaches in Maharashtra. With most of the beach-going crowds opting for other popular nearby beaches such as Tarkarli or the ones in Goa, Bhogwe Beach draws far fewer visitors around the year, making it a secluded and hidden gem. Apart from its clean, golden sand and palm trees, the Bhogwe Beach is also close to a number of other great attractions such as the Nivti Fort and eco-stay resorts in Parule.

The picturesque Bhogwe Beach is just a short trek away from Parule township | © Ankur P/Flickr

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

Ironically, the greatest asset of Pondicherry‘s Paradise Beach is its poor connectivity to the town. With reaching the beach by road being extremely hard, the most preferred method of getting there is by boat and it is this lack of accessibility that has kept this beautiful beach pristine and untouched. Located at the mouth of the Chunnamber River, which is just south of Pondicherry, the beach is just a short boat ride from Chunnamber Boathouse and boasts some of the best views of the Bay of Bengal.

Pondicherry’s Paradise Beach can only be accessed by boat from the nearby Chunnamber Boathouse | © E Khatri/Wiki Commons

Gahirmatha Beach, Orissa

Located deep inside the Bhitarkanika National Park, Gahirmatha Beach is extremely hard to access, making it one of the least crowded beaches in the country. While its golden sands and excellent views make it a great destination for any beach lover, the real beauty of this beach is in the fact that it is one of the most nesting grounds for the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles. Every year, in the month of April, thousands upon thousands of turtle hatchlings visit this beach creating an unmatched natural spectacle.

The beaches of Bhitarkanika National Park are among the most secluded in the world | © Deepak Das/Wiki Commons

Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep

India’s Lakshadweep Islands are best known for their pristine beaches and azure blue waters. But even as beaches such as Bangaram or Agatti become more commercialised, one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the archipelago is Minicoy Island Beach. The southern-most island in Lakshadweep, Minicoy was once a popular trade centre in the area. However, distance from the airport and lack of easy accessibility has meant that the beach draws far fewer visitors than other popular ones in the island chain. The island has a beautiful brackish water lagoon in the centre, with the beach located between the sea and the lagoon.

The Minicoy Islands are counted among the most beautiful in the world | © Anand Himani18/Wiki Commons

Karwar Beach and Ladies Beach, Karnataka

Located 25 km south of the Goa, the sleepy town of Karwar boasts beaches that are just as good as those in the sunshine state and not nearly as crowded, making it a perfect destination for a secluded beach holiday. The most popular beach in the vicinity of Karwar is the Karwar Beach, which is bounded by the Kali River to the north and Karwar town centre to the south. However, if you’re looking for something a little more secluded than Karwar Beach, your best bet is the beautiful hidden beach called Ladies Beach. The beach is inaccessible by road, so the only way to get there is through a short trek from Jetty Road. One of the few beaches with the chance of having the coast all to yourself, Ladies Beach is a must-visit destination in Karwar.

Karwar is home to beaches that rival those in Goa, minus the crowd | © Sankara Subramanian/Wiki Commons

Butterfly Beach, Goa

The number of ‘hidden beaches’ in Goa has been in steady decline over the years with most of the once-hidden beaches becoming increasingly commercial. However, one beach that has maintained its ‘hidden beach’ tag is the famous Butterfly Beach, which is located to the south of Goa and is only accessible by boat. This tiny beach is one of the most secluded places in Goa and has hardly any commercial establishments. Boat services to Butterfly Beach are available from other beaches such as Palolem and Agonda.

Butterfly Beach in Goa is inaccessible by roads and can only be reached by boat | © Robert Stirrett/Wiki Commons

Guhagar, Maharashtra

This pristine golden beach in Maharashtra‘s Ratnagiri District is counted among the most beautiful beaches in the state. While Guhagar isn’t exactly a hidden or secluded beach, it draws far fewer visitors than other popular beaches in the region such as Tarkarli. The beach has few commercial establishments, while the town itself is more popular for its temples, meaning that the beautiful beach often gets overshadowed.

Sunset at Guhagar Beach in Maharashtra | © Ankur P/Flickr

Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu

Tucked away along the coast of Tamil Nadu’s Nagapattinam District is the seaside town of Tharangambadi or Tranquebar, which is just as popular for its natural beauty as it is for its interesting history. One of the very few Danish colonial towns in the country, the town’s Danish history and culture is very much visible in its culture and architecture. While the most popular attractions of Tranquebar are its fort and colonial bungalows, the Tharangambadi Beach is just as great a destination to visit and can be counted among some of the most pristine and interesting beaches in the country.

Tranquebar was the first Danish settlement in India | © Esben Agersnap/Wiki Commons

Guitar Island Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

This beautiful hidden beach in Andaman has often been called the best beach in the country by those who’ve visited it. Located on Guitar Island, which takes its name from the fact that it is shaped like a guitar, this beach is extremely hard to access and can only be reached through a boat and a short trek up to the beach. The beach draws hardly any visitors and is completely empty at most times. With azure blue water and the golden sands, this beach is one of the greatest hidden treasures of the Andaman Islands.

Mararikulam Beach, Kerala

Commonly known as just Marari, Mararikulam Beach in Kerala is far less popular and commercial than other beaches in the state such as Kovalam and Varkala. This secluded beach is flanked on one side by the sea and groves upon groves of coconut trees on the other. Apart from a few commercial establishments, the beach has a number of great eco and cultural tourism resorts that offer great stay options.

Mararikulam Beach in Kerala is famous for its palm groves that almost touch the sea | © Pavan Lulla/Wiki Commons