How the Elephant Festival of Jaipur Celebrates Royalty in Rajasthan

Decorated Indian Elephant © Faraz Usmani |
Decorated Indian Elephant © Faraz Usmani |
Photo of Vani Munjal
5 October 2017

Colors, smiles and elaborate costumes are a part of all Indian celebrations. One such major festival of Rajasthan is the ‘Elephant Festival’ held in Jaipur. The opulent festival begins with an enthralling parade of magnificent elephants adorned with colorful patterns, embroidered garments and gold and silver ornaments. Elephants were the mode of transport for the kings and are still considered to be a symbol of Rajput royalty today.

Taking place in Jaipur, on the eve of the festival of colors, Holi (usually in March) the Elephant Festival is a grand celebration of a rich cultural past and a festive present. The photo fest demands you bring a camera along to capture beautiful memories for a lifetime. This incredible affair includes an elephant tug of war, elephant dance, elephant race and a game of elephant polo, amongst other activities.

Decorated Indian Elephant © Faraz Usmani |

The well-groomed animals revive the rank play and power in the city during the festival. From the echoes of the nagadas (musical instruments that were played to welcome the royalty) to live dances, everything about the event shows incredible attention to detail. Charm and grandeur are two words that are the very definition of Jaipur and it is fitting that these majestic animals are celebrated in this city of royalty. A must attend event for visitors and tourists, the Elephant Festival is a celebration of vibrant notes that it almost defies description.

Holi Festival, India © Maciek Lulko |

Aside from being a symbol of royalty, the animals are sacred in India since they are believed to represent the Indian god, Ganesha. This adds to the importance of this annual event that reveals a new enthusiasm to the Holi festival. Playing with colors is also an important part of the celebrations.

This March event is a must for any anyone planning a trip to India. Tourists can also enjoy special tours around the beautiful state of Rajasthan. The event is also an opportunity to gather amazing souvenirs from your trip to India. You will also find food options from the menu of the royal kitchens alongside popular street delicacies.

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