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Bangalore is the best city for growing businesses in the world © sarangib / Pixabay
Bangalore is the best city for growing businesses in the world © sarangib / Pixabay
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Here's Why Bangalore Has Been Named the Best Start-Up City in the World

Picture of Aditi Mukherjee
Updated: 14 November 2017
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) conducted a comprehensive survey and declared that world business leaders find Bangalore to be the city with the best digital environment.

India’s Silicon Valley has been the country’s information technology hub for decades now and the city has expanded over the years to build a conducive environment for small businesses and start-ups.

As per the survey, Bangalore has extremely skilled professionals, the best financial environment to grow, innovate, start a business and experiment with new technology. Bangalore beat San Francisco, Tokyo and Berlin in this fight as 2,620 companies were surveyed in total from 45 of the most important cities in the world.

Bangalore has the most conducive digital environment for business growth | © sarangib / Pixabay

Bangalore has heaps of highly trained professionals in data analytics, social media and digital security, something the world leaders recognize. Almost 48% of the companies EIU surveyed wouldn’t mind relocating their set-up to Bangalore because they’re confident it would mean bigger profits. 53% of Asian firms would love to move their work to India and 42% of the European companies surveyed think it’s a good proposition too.

Bangalore has been India’s information technology hub for decades | © Silver Blue / Flickr

Mumbai and New Delhi weren’t too far behind. Among the many categories that cities were rated on, these two performed quite well in ‘people and skills’, ‘financial environment’, ‘innovation and entrepreneurship’, ‘ICT Infrastructure’ and ‘development of new technologies’.

Mumbai and New Delhi performed well in the survey too | © Kevin / Unsplash

The major push Bangalore ever got in terms of IT revolution was with the establishment of Electronic City. R. K. Baliga of Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation dreamed of making Bangalore the IT hub in 1976, and so he did! 335 acres of land was converted to industrial parks where ideas, technology and businesses could be carefully cradled to grow.