Boutique Hotels In India You Need To Stay In

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9 February 2017

From off-the-grid tree houses to centuries-old, battle-hardened palaces, these boutique hotels from around the country offer you luxurious stays in the most interesting locations.

Brunton Boatyard, Fort Cochin, Kerala

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Housed in a Victorian-style building on the remains of a colonial-era shipbuilding yard in historic Fort Cochin, The Brunton Boatyard is a hotel you need to experience. With traditional Keralan decor, antique wooden furnishings, and breathtaking views of the Arabian sea, the rooms are every bit the luxury you were hoping for. The on-site spa offers a range of Ayurvedic treatments, while the hotel bar is cozy, tastefully designed and well-stocked.

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Beach, Stylish, Relaxed, Traditional, Outdoors, Eco friendly, Fine Dining

Alsisar Heritage Hotel, Rajasthan

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Dating to the 17th century, this refurbished palace is as much an architectural marvel as it is a historical landmark. Featuring striking architecture, beautifully intricate décor, and 51 rooms steeped in the luxuries of Rajasthan’s former royalty, the Alsisar Mahal offers much more than just a hotel stay. With a quality massage center in addition to a variety of bars and restaurants, this boutique institution is one you should experience.

Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling

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Making the magical Darjeeling all the more dream-like, this plantation retreat lies on a hillock above the banks of the river Rangeet, offering a spectacular view of the mighty Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain. Each of the suites at the estate are uniquely and tastefully decorated to offer personalized experiences to patrons. The resort also prepares menus according to the tastes and preferences of each guest, with offerings ranging from South-east Asian to European cuisines. You can also take a guided tour to see how tea leaves are brought in from the fields, and then taken through the process of withering, rolling, fermenting, drying, and sorting.

Siolim House Heritage Boutique Hotel, Goa

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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Casa Palacio Siolim House, Goa
Casa Palacio Siolim House, Goa | Courtesy of Siolim House - Historic Boutique Hotel

This 350-year-old Heritage Hotel in Goa was built in 1675, dating to the earliest times of the Portuguese occupation of Goa. Offering just seven rooms, Siolim guarantees to take care of its guests as if they were staying at a local home – exposing them to the ancient unbroken traditions and fine hospitality and cuisine of Goa.


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  • The Machan, Lonavala

    Hotel, Resort
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    Sunset Machan Tree House
    Sunset Machan Tree House | © Ankur P / Flickr

    This eco-resort lets you stay in one of their tree houses, rising 30-45 feet above the dense forests of Lonavala. Claiming to be 100% off the grid and running entirely on sustainable resources, The Machan offers an escape into nature unlike any other. The Machan also provides free electricity to homes in a village half a kilometer away, in addition to employing about 50% of its staff from the local community as well as buying local fresh produce, making it the ideal getaway for the ecologically and socially conscious!

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    Eco friendly, Outdoors, Family Friendly, Adventure, Relaxed

    Gomang Boutique Hotel, Leh

    Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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    The first luxury boutique hotel in Ladakh, Gomang is located in the peaceful Changspa area of Leh town. With a smoke and alcohol-free environment, a nourishing vegetarian menu, and carefully decorated rooms, this beautiful hotel is definitely one of the most luxurious destinations in this part of the country. Gomang also offers an oxygen library lounge area equipped with a good selection of books and Wi-FI to help patrons acclimatize to the higher altitude.

    Anavilasam, Thekkady, Kerala

    Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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    Located on 7 acres of private estate surrounded by a Cardamom and Pepper plantation, this boutique hotel offers you the opportunity to see how spices are grown, harvested, and processed, in addition to a spectacular stay amidst pristine nature. The resort offers a choice of suites all of which are individually styled to echo a country-house feel and are open to mesmerizing views of the estate. Anavilasam is also just fifteen minutes away from the Periyar (Thekkady) Tiger Reserve, where you can join a Elephant-riding trail or go bamboo rafting, among other several eco-tourism programs.