12 Things You Must Pack If You’re Traveling to India

Pack for India | @ThomasMartinsen/Unsplash
Pack for India | @ThomasMartinsen/Unsplash
Photo of Harleen Kalsi
1 September 2017

Due to India’s vast geographic scale and diverse topography, it is home to an extraordinary variety of climatic regions. This means if you’re planning a tour of India, then the strategic packing of essentials is a must. Here’s what you should take with you.

Comfortable clothes

Depending on which region you are planning to cover, or even if it’s all of India, comfy clothing is part of the deal. Pack light clothes, an extra pair of socks, pantyhose, comfy bras, and your go-to cold weather jacket.

Light clothes for an Indian odyssey | @JasonBriscoe/unsplash

Comfortable footwear

Whether you’re planning to conquer the steep hills of the Himalayas or lounge on the golden beaches of the Southern India, a comfortable and sturdy pair of footwear is an essential you can’t afford to be without. Crocs or a pair of slip-on shoes also work as a good substitute.

Mosquito repellent

Pack a tube of mosquito or insect repellent if you don’t want to catch any nasty diseases on your Indian adventure.

Oversized scarf

If you’re wondering why an oversized scarf is an essential then you must know that India is a spiritual and religious land full of temples and shrines. As per the rule, visitors’ head must be covered at all times inside the premises in order to pay their respects.

Oversized scarf for all occasions | @AverieWoodard/Unsplash


If you love your skin, then pack your sunscreen.

Ziplock bags

This is the greatest piece of essential kit you need when you’re out on an adventure. Ziplock bags have multiple uses that could save you from embarrassing moments. Use it to store food, as a funnel for water consumption, to keep your electronics dry, store your dirty underwear, and in urgent times use it as a barf bag.

Thermos flask

This product is the greatest survival item if nothing else. Carry a thermos flask that keeps your cold water cold and hot chai hot.

Saviour in the wild | @AnnieSpratt/Unsplash


This is a portable water purifier that’ll make drinking water an experience in India that’s cleaner and diarrhea-free.

Power bank

Whether you’re a tech-savvy traveler or not, you’ll at least carry a phone to connect with your loved ones. Always carry a fully charged power bank to reconnect with your loved ones anytime and anywhere. It might even save you in an emergency.


Sterilize your ears from the incessant chatter of the local transport or howling of touts at markets by using earplugs.

Disconnect | @LeioMclaren/Unsplash


This product is available online and in India at your nearest grocery store. A Pee-Buddy is a revolutionary product for women that lets you urinate standing up. In India, you might not find clean toilets or even toilets at all at some places, so pack this product for emergencies.

Pee with ease | @Amazon.in

Essential toiletries

This includes your everyday hygiene products such as toothpaste, soap (carry a paper soap if you can), toothbrush, towel, and a box of wet wipes.

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