11 Reasons Why You Should Date an Indian

Khajuraho Monuments | © Dennis Jarvis / Flickr
Khajuraho Monuments | © Dennis Jarvis / Flickr
Photo of Mridu Rai
3 November 2017

Indians’ idea of romance doesn’t include dancing around trees and arranged marriage isn’t the only way they meet their life partners. Neither do they eat curry all the time nor do they commute on elephants! If you feel like the Indian stereotypes have been put to rest now, then read on to find the 11 great reasons why you need to date an Indian!

The art of jugaad

Everybody is familiar with the phrase ‘life hack’. In India, the term is famously known as jugaad. In fact, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to claim that Indians are the ultimate megastars of jugaad. Broken shower head? Craft one out of a mineral water bottle. Need to charge multiple phones? Take your car battery out. For everyday life problems, your Indian better half can come up with imaginative solutions that you never even thought were possible.

Jugaad technology at its best | © Prabuddha Jain / Flickr

The talent of haggling

While juggad gets Indians through daily life with ease, their innate haggling skills saves them a whole lot of money. At times, they even haggle just for the sake of haggling. If the shopkeeper happens to reduce just one single rupee, they give themselves a proud pat on the back and return home with a smug smile on their faces. After all, every penny saved is a penny earned, isn’t it?

The extravagant wedding

The extra-extravagant weddings that you’ve seen in Bollywood movies are actually for real. That Indian weddings last up to four days is not a myth. If you’re dating an Indian and marriage is on the cards, then prepare to be at the centre of this grand spectacle.

Indian wedding | © Aditya Mahar / WikiCommons

The extended family

When you date an Indian, you hit a jackpot. It’s just that instead of your bank balance becoming heftier, you become richer in terms of family members. Apart from your partner’s parents and siblings, a host of cousins, half a dozen aunties and uncles, and a bunch of nephews and nieces come in tow as well.

The variety of food

No, butter chicken and naan aren’t the only dishes that Indians love to eat. If you go on a culinary journey from one end of the country to the other, you’ll be amazed at the assortment of food you’ll come across. In case this idea doesn’t seem feasible, then just visit one of your partner’s relatives and they’ll happily serve you a minimum of at least 10 different kinds of dishes.

Indian food | © Mohans1995 / WikiCommons

The cute nicknames

You haven’t been properly welcomed into your partner’s family if you haven’t been given a typical Indian nickname. Think chotu (little one), golu (happy, cuddly), bablu (friendly, easygoing), or tinku (delicate). Once you date an Indian, you won’t be able to escape one of these endearments.

The chai

The favourite Indian beverage, unquestionably, is chai (tea). It’s no coincidence that two of the best tea-growing places, Assam and Darjeeling, are located in India. The country is the second largest producers of tea in the world and Indians consume 70 per cent of it on their own. When in India, if you need an instant pick-me-up, you’ll find a tea shop on every street corner.

Tea plantation in India | © Thangaraj Kumaravel / Flickr

The infinite celebrations

Us Indians are a very enthusiastic lot. Any bite-sized excuse is enough to get us all fired up for a celebration – a distant relative, whom we’ve never met, has got a job, a neighbour’s son almost passed his exams, an auto rickshaw driver did not swindle us on the ride back home. Well, this only means one thing. Time to put on some music and dance the night away! Who knows how long one has to wait for the next opportunity to party?

The cricket craze

Before you even date someone from India, you need to memorise Sachin Tendulkar’s bio-data. For the uninitiated, Tendulkar is the greatest Indian cricketer ever to have played the game. If cricket is like a religion in India, then Tendulkar is the god. Don’t worry if all this information seems too much to take in at first because once you date an Indian, it won’t be too long before you’re sucked up in the cricket frenzy. Sorry, but you have no say in this whatsoever.

Cricket is a pseudo-religion in India, so do not talk negative about it | © Rajiv Bhuttan / Flickr

The secure future

Dating an Indian inevitably makes you more in control of your future, all thanks to the astrologers we consult for every personal matter. If the stars predict any doom in your destiny, then the trusty old astrologer will give you a gemstone or two to help you fight off those pesky obstacles with ease.

The chance to discover India

India can amaze you and it can overwhelm you. It can take your breath away one moment and in the next, it can totally intimidate you. India has beaches. India has mountains. India has deserts. India is chaotic. India is calm. Now who wouldn’t want to experience a new culture, a new landscape, a new cuisine every time they visit a different place within one country?

Ghastoli in Uttarakhand | © Sharada Prasad CS / Flickr

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