10 Vegetarian Dishes To Try In Lucknow, India

Photo of Abhinav Singh
24 November 2016

It’s a tragedy that no one talks about the vegetarian delights of Lucknow. Almost all of the focus is on the non-vegetarian signature dishes of the region. Fortunately, for non-meat eaters, there is a delicious array of foods to try in this city. Here are some vegetarian delicacies exclusive to Lucknow, which are capable of giving the kebabs and biryanis a run for their money.


Not many talk about it. However, you should make it your breakfast every time you are in Lucknow. These are deep fried pastries filled with lentils, served with sautéed and spiced potatoes and sweet chutneys. Of course, you can’t eat just one.

Makhan Malai

A winter food, its light and airy texture will make it feel like you are eating air. Lightly sweetened and garnished with dry fruits, it’s a must have during winters.

Makhani Malai, Courtesy of Abhinav Singh


The Prakash kulfi selling only kulfi and falooda in Aminabad is already famous. However not many know the wonders of Chanakya Kulfi in Bhootnath market. So rich in flavor, it will leave you begging for more. Tip: always pack extras for later.

Veg kebab paratha

You can’t leave Lucknow without having kebabs. However, what if you don’t eat meat? Try the Lucknow invention which has now spread to Delhi and the National Capital Region. It’s flavorsome, filling and much cheaper than the meat version.

Aaloo tikki

You get aaloo tikki in most of Northern India but nothing matches the taste of Lucknow. The crisp potato cakes, generous dollops of yoghurt, coarsely grounded spices and a garnishing of ginger, coriander and chillies sets it apart. Yes, it’s better than the Benaras version.

Aloo Tikki, Courtesy of Abhinav Singh

Multi flavoured Golgapppas

The kind of flavors you get in Lucknow are inimitable. Each flavor is painstakingly prepared. Jaljeera, khattameetha, lemon flavored, mint. You name it, it’s here. One of the best flavors is ‘heeng’ (Asafoetida).

Golgappa, Courtesy of Abhinav Singh

Basket Chat

An edible basket stuffed with potato cakes, vadas, assorted chutney, spices, namkeens, youghurt and garnished with ginger, pomegranate etc. What’s not to love? Be warned, this will leave you with no space to eat anything else.

Bhuni Matar

It’s a no nonsense uncomplicated chat. Just the tawa roasted matar with some spices thrown in.

Basket Chat, Courtesy of Abhinav Singh

Dahi vada

The dahi vada in Lucknow is soft, comes in a large size, garnished with dry fruits, and is not easy to buy (blame the queues).

Meetha Paan

There are paans and then there is Lucknawi paan. Though it sounds gimmicky, do try the ‘melt in mouth’ meetha paan in Lucknow.

Meetha Paan, Courtesy of Abhinav Singh

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