10 Things to Do On a Rainy Day in New Delhi

Enjoy books with beverages and baked goods│© agnieszka bladzik / Pexels
Enjoy books with beverages and baked goods│© agnieszka bladzik / Pexels
Photo of Vani Munjal
18 July 2017

Rains are a welcome change in New Delhi from the scorching heat of the summer sun. As the sky wraps itself with dark clouds, the capital waits for the season to take a pleasant turn and pour its heart out. Here is our list of awesome things to do during the rainy days in New Delhi.

Visit Rooftop Cafes and Restaurants

New Delhi has its fair share of rooftop cafes and restaurants with stunning views. Add rain to the mix and every aspect of your visit turns into an experience. As the rain washes away the settled dust from the leaves, the view is instantly lifted to something memorable.

Amour Restaurant, HKV, New Delhi│ | © Tara Hunt/ Wikimedia.org

Capture beauty with a lens

Every camera friendly place in New Delhi gets better with rain. Apart from the well-known places, the streets are an inspiration as well. From kids dancing on the streets to people sipping hot tea from local vendors, a rainy day in New Delhi will provide visitors with excellent picture perfect moments.

Enjoy hot tea/coffee with fried food by the window

There is nothing better than enjoying the view from your window with a cup of hot beverage and fried food. Those are the moments people live by when it is raining in New Delhi. Huddle up by the window in your PJ’s and take a moment to stop, sit and enjoy the view.

Popular fried food choices include: Bhajia (fried vegetable fritters), Jalebi (Sweet fried dough with syrup), Samosa (Fried exterior with potatoes inside) and Aloo Tikki (Potato patty).

Enjoy Vegetable Fritters in Rain│ | © Ekabhishek/ Wikimedia.org

Hop on the Ho Ho Tour Bus

If you are wondering what the famous tourist attractions and monuments in Delhi look like in the rain, the tour bus is a good opportunity to witness them. The bus takes you around these attractions, rain or not, so enjoy the ride and see Delhi soaked in beautiful views.

Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi│ | © BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha/ Wikimedia.org

Explore the Book cafes in New Delhi

A concept that has recently picked up, book cafes in New Delhi are cozy, warm and friendly places to enjoy rain with books and baked goods. These quaint cafes provide guests with an opportunity to read with a view, whilst enjoying freshly baked bread and other delicacies.

Enjoy books with beverages and baked goods│ | © agnieszka bladzik / Pexels


Rains in New Delhi are an excellent opportunity to bring back the child in you. From jumping in the puddles – found in abundance – to dancing to the tunes of your favourite playlist, rainy days in the capital demand you indulge and enjoy. Best advice is to leave the umbrella at home and have a rain shower.

Go on a drive

New Delhi has a number of wide roads that are vacated by the locals during the rains. As the locals conveniently tuck themselves in the comfort of their homes, drive around the capital for a rare experience. Go on a drive to India Gate – the wide expanse of gardens around the place are a vibrant sight.

Take a stroll

Breathe in the fresh air and petrichor of Delhi as you take a walk down the paths and parks of the capital when the rain stops. Take a walk through Sanjay Van, Lodhi gardens, and Lutyens circle for picturesque views. Enjoy the pleasant weather and take home some fond memories.

Sanjay Van right after Rain In New Delhi│ | © Pushpeshpant.10 / Wikimedia.org

Have a Music/Movie Marathon

Sometimes it is impossible to go out on a rainy day in New Delhi, due to heavy showers. Music and movies add an element of fun to your indoor time. So enjoy a monsoon playlist or back-to-back movies as you savour the downpour from your window or balcony. Sing along or dance to your favourite tunes.

Go for a romantic meal

New Delhi has its own list of restaurants with ideal romantic settings and delicious food. Go for a romantic meal with your partner, friend or by yourself in the romantic weather.

Lodi Garden Restaurant, New Delhi │ | © Laura Blankenship/ Flickr.com

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