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What's On This Month In Hong Kong
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What's On This Month In Hong Kong

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Updated: 15 November 2016
It’s hot, it’s humid and the city is thriving with life. August sees many new events hitting the city of Hong Kong, with tons of exciting things to do with family, friends and lovers. For those looking to entertain the kids, bring them along to the 18th Ani-Com & Games Paradise or the International Arts Festival where you’ll find a variety of activities geared towards the younger generation to get stuck in to. For those looking for something more refined, Hong Kong offers a wonderfully traditional Chinese Opera Festival, Food Expo and a number of cultural festivals to take part in.


OTHER | Kombucha Workshop
Wednesday, August 3rd

Research has shown that Kombucha is an anti-oxidant, pro-biotic drink that has benefits of detoxification, cancer prevention and more. With Sesame Kitchen, you can learn how to D.I.Y.

OTHER | 18th Ani-Com & Games HK and Creative Paradise
Friday, July 29th – Tuesday, August 2nd

One for the younger generation to get stuck into (or even the older generation!); five days of animation, comics, games, toys, limited edition collectibles and more.

FOOD | Urban Park Mini Chefs Club
Tuesday, August 2nd until Thursday August 18th

Schools out for summer, and there’s no better way to keep the kids entertained than with a session or two at Urban Park’s Mini Chefs Club!

TRAVEL | Walking Tour of Hong Kong Observatory
Saturday, August 6th

Book in to a vibrant and cultural tour to learn all about the Hong Kong Observatory and their role in protecting the city of Hong Kong.

ART | International Arts Carnival 2016
Friday, July 8th – Sunday, August 7th

The International Arts Carnival is perfect for those looking to keep the kids busy during the long summer holidays, with their large collection of activities.

OTHER | Free Fitness Training At Sun Yat-Sen Park
Every Wednesday 7 – 8am

Meet at the crosses and prepare your body to work out every hump day this month with a free group fitness class.

FOOD | Make Your Own Honeycomb Sourdough Bread
Tuesday, August 2nd; Tuesday, August 9th; Monday, August 15th

Learn the secret to making your own delicious loaf of honeycomb sourdough bread with the help of Sesame Kitchen.


ART | Thomas Houseago, Psychedelic Brothers – Drawn Paintings
On until Wednesday, July 29th 2018

The first exhibition to focus on Houseago’s two-dimensional works of art on canvas.

OTHER | 30th Anniversary of Saint Seiya
Monday, August 8th – Wednesday, August 31st

Times Square transforms into the “Sanctuary” of Saint Seiya and the knights of the zodiac.

ART | A Hong Kong Everyday
On until Saturday, August 20th

Head to Karin Weber Gallery to explore the relationship between everyday life and the art that is inspired by it.

OTHER | Hong Hong International Tea Fair
Thursday, August 11th – Saturday, August 13th

Head over to this long-standing event to explore the business and trade of tea through a number of seminars, competitions and more.

ART | Botero in Hong Kong
On until Sunday, August 14th

Gaze upon the most voluptuous sculptures placed against the stunning city skyline by Colombian artist, Fernando Botero.

FOOD | Hong Kong Food Expo
Thursday, August 11th – Monday, August 15th

Entering its 27th year, this is the place to be if you want to check out the best of the best international food under one roof.


MUSIC | Blue Man Group In Macao
Thursday, August 11th – Sunday, August 28th

A wildly popular, award-winning production that has become an international phenomenon around the world.

OTHER | Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival
Thursday, August 19th – Monday, August 22nd

There’s no better place to gaze upon the latest technology, be you a technical whizz or dinosaur.


OTHER | Jimmy Carr Funny Business, Live In Hong Kong
Wednesday, August 24th – Thursday, August 25th

One of Britain’s best-loved comedians of all time will be performing live in Hong Kong for the very first time.

CULTURE | Seven Sisters Festival
Tuesday, August 8th – Sunday, August 28th

Commonly known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, this legend follows the story of two star-crossed lovers.


OTHER | Run Light Paddle: Lantau Family
Sunday, August 28th

Embark on an adventure and paddle or hike along the Pui O beach area on Lantau Island.

OTHER | 2016 Hong Kong Summer Fun
On until Wednesday, August 31st

Travelers and locals alike can get involved with some of the hottest summer happenings throughout the city; enjoy two months of fun with family and friends.

CULTURE | The Hungry Ghost Festival
Wednesday, August 17th – Monday, September 5th

With features similar to that of Halloween in Europe, The Hungry Ghost Festival is a time when restless spirits are said to roam the earth.

HISTORY | Bruce Lee: Kung Fu, Art, Life
On until Wednesday, July 20th 2018

Though it’s been an ongoing event for a number of years now, this is perfect for all the Bruce Lee fans out there who are keen on immersing themselves into the life of the martial arts master.