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Max-Leonhard von Schaper/CC BY 2.0/Flickr
Max-Leonhard von Schaper/CC BY 2.0/Flickr

Underground Music Venue Hidden Agenda To Be Reborn After Fundraising Success

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Updated: 13 September 2016
Embattled music livehouse Hidden Agenda has been saved by its fans. Previously facing imminent closure, Hidden Agenda announced on Monday that it had raised enough money to move to a new location by the end of 2016. The Hidden Agenda team plans to operate as a take-away food stall featuring live music.

Hidden Agenda was first established in 2009, quickly becoming a thriving hotspot within Hong Kong’s independent music scene. On August 24th, Hidden Agenda announced that it was being forced to close by the government.

Over the past year, the abandoned Kwun Tong warehouse that has served as Hidden Agenda’s premises, has been subject to multiple inspections and warnings. The Lands Department has targeted the popular underground music venue, claiming that it is illegal to use an industrial space for entertainment purposes. It issued a warrant for the site’s closure in August.

意色樓,一隊對於hidden agenda來說很重要的樂隊。

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On September 5th, Hidden Agenda launched a fundraising initiative in a last-ditch attempt to find a new venue. A goal of half a million dollars was set up, most of which would go towards rent and the application fee for a restaurant licence from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. The plan was to operate as a legally certified food stall, where they would be able to host live music acts in the same space.

On Monday, Hidden Agenda announced on Facebook that they had reached their fundraising goal with three days left to spare. A total of $517,368 was donated thanks to a concentrated effort from fans, many of whom reacted with outrage and dismay to news of Hidden Agenda’s closure. Notably, local music platform Zenegeist raised over $100,000 by organizing a jumble sale over the weekend, urging fans to chip in and spread the word with the hashtag #SaveHiddenAgenda.

【HA告急,無你點得?】 相信大家都睇左第四代HA嘅計劃(,但我擔憂淨係靠銀行戶口喺十日之內籌50萬旗實在係相當困難,所以今個weekend會喺HA搞一個義賣market,增加募捐嘅渠道。 我希望募集到band仔們義賣一D你地band嘅product/CD,又或者作為樂迷嘅你可以義賣任何類型嘅野,好似黑膠、衫褲鞋物、收藏品等等,將收入全部捐作HA嘅續命金。 日期:2016年9月10-11(六、日) 時間:1pm-9pm 地點:Hidden Agenda 多謝大家踴躍參與,暫時活動會有兩個方法參與義賣: 1) 擺檔 如果你有一定數量物品想義賣、又或想有D即場畫畫義賣之類嘅檔攤,可以PM我地預留檔位俾你。 2)寄賣 如果想寄賣,可以有三個方法: 一就到時親身拎上黎 二就係觀塘區朋友可以直接聯絡本人果占交收(62929496) 三就係約時間交收,如果你到時唔得閒上黎,我地可以有運輸部朋友同你交收,同區有兩三個單位約就可以出車,又或者我地各區成員都可以同你交收。 多謝各位支持本地live house文化,到時如果無野啱買亦可以直接捐款去現場嘅籌款箱,我地歡迎任何類型合作嘅可能性,例如義演、食物攤檔之類。如有任何問題,歡迎留言或PM我地識你佳(。

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Hidden Agenda’s plans to vacate the current property by mid-October are still in place, with a farewell show scheduled for October 10th. In the interim after its closure, fans can look forward to Hidden Agenda’s relaunch near the end of the year.