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10 Comic Characters In Hong Kong You Need To Know

Picture of Erin Chan
Updated: 16 November 2016
The history of Hong Kong Comics (also known as Manhua) can be traced back to 1911 when Sun Yat-Sen (the founding father of the Republic of China) used Comics as a measure to satirize the corruption of the Qing Government. Over the years, the local comics industry has experienced different turning points and pinnacles because of its influence by Japanese and Western anime, as well as local films. Check out our guide and discover the top 10 most iconic comic characters of Hong Kong.

Old Master Q

Old Master Q is the classic representation of Hong Kong Comics created by famous manhua artist Alfonso Wong in 1962. The almighty Old Master Q is known as ‘Captain Hong Kong’ to diehard readers. The character’s dress code of wearing traditional Chinese Chongshan, the pair of small glasses on his nose bridge, the symmetrical mustache and the quirky facial expression always make him stand out in the crowd. Being witty, whimsical, ready to take up cudgels for the weak and a daredevil in his everyday life, Old Master Q is partly good and partly bad. Though constantly stuck in choosing Chinese and Western cultures, he is stubborn about maintaining traditional Chinese values. Old Master Q is a Mr. Congeniality, his acquaintances include Big Dumb, Mr. Chun, Old Chiu, girlfriend Ms. Chan, pets and even aliens.


The comic was created in the 1970s. The total series contain 40 volumes portraying Cowboy’s family matters and the love-hate relationship between him and his father in a humorous and heart-warming way — it is a reflection of the working class in the 70s and 80s in Hong Kong. The Macau-born creator Wong Wing Hing used limited words with large illustrations to tell visionary stories.

Miss 13 Dots

13 Dots is a Hong Kong slang which refers to female chatterboxes who talk on the phone around the clock. Since old phones in Hong Kong have 13 dots on the speaker, 13 Dots become the synonym of chatty girls. Miss 13 Dots is the lovechild of a Hong Kong tycoon. She is a vivid fan of outlandish fashion and design with stripes (you can tell from her usual dress code — stripes hat, stripes t-shirt and stripes leggings). While she was raised in a wealthy family, she is not a spoiled kid at all. She always gives a helping hand to the needy and is loyal to justice. Miss 13 Dots is bubbly, independent and enjoys conjuring up quirky ideas with her friends.


The first thing about Cloud that captures your attention is the pose of palm-styles-of-martial arts he strikes. His weapon is the ‘Ultimate Best Sword in the World’ that he took from the Sword-Worshiping Villa. Unlike his partner-in-crime Wind who is accommodating and kind-heart to people, Cloud appears to be cold, cynical and unsympathetic towards many. He constantly suppresses his emotions, and has no mercy for killing opponents — which earns him the nickname ‘The God of Death Who Does Not Cry’. Cloud and Wind have gone through the restless bedlam in the underworld to uphold the unorthodox moral. Following the instructions of the prophecy, the duo risk their lives to bring peace for people.

Q Boy

Q Boy is a black and white cat created in 2004. He is curious about everything and always has many question marks in his head (Q stands for question). His uncle, the black cat Doctor A (A stands for answer), is a knowledgeable academia. These two characters pair up to help children learn in an efficient way by reading comics.


K is also known as the Hong Kong 007 who shares similar story-lines with the British one. Like James Bond, he always appears in a suit and tie and with a gun in his hand. K also retains a vigilant attitude and shares a romantic history with a lot of beautiful women. He occasionally shows common human weaknesses in his mission. Unlike the stern vibe carried by the British 007, K enjoys light jokes.

Hero Wah

Hero Wah is literally translated to the hero of China. The boy, fishing village born and raised, shared a stable and happy life with his parents. Later, Wah roamed across the country to America to seek vendetta on the Westerners who murdered his parents. His adventures in the states bring him to new friends such as Ghostserver and Gold Dragon experts in sword and palm fighting. Wah became their apprentice and eventually excelled in both skills. He was up against all kinds of injustice in society by promoting martial arts. Unfortunately, a spell was cast on him: those close to him would be killed. Since then, Wah maintained a distance with his son and lived alone for the rest of his life.


McDull is a male piggy who can be distinguished by his chubby body and the birthmark on his right eye. Although not very smart and ordinary in many ways, he has the heart of a lion. McDull has lots of dreams. However, he always fails and subsequently gets disappointed no matter how many times he tries. But then he tries again and explores new dreams. He pictures the world in a vivid way through his dreams. McDull’s never-giving-up attitude towards life turns him into the spirit animal of the struggling HongKongers. The name McDull has an unusual origin: When McDull’s mother Ms. Mak was in labor, she saw the illusion of a plastic basin (the same pronunciation as ‘dull’ in Cantonese) flying over her head and therefore named her son McDull.

The white bear and the boy

The adorableness of the size difference between the two characters will make you fall in love with them. The white bear is like a inflated and snowy mochi and the boy resembles a cute little gnome. The boy, an ordinary child, always raises his head to look over the skyline in the bustling city and wishes he could fly one day to explore another part of the world. The white bear comes from an unknown and lonely planet, and wants to meet his fellows through giving. One summer, the boy bumps into the bear. As the white bear cannot withstand the shimmering heat, the boy splits his popsicle into two and shares half with the bear. The bear becomes the boy’s guardian angel and they motivate each other to live brightly.


Cuson has another nickname — Uncle Weird. He is a middle-aged guy who doesn’t go out much. He is also a passive, mute, pessimistic, narcissistic and uncanny man with a make-you-burst-into-laughter poker face. Cuson has a strong dislike towards sticky and romantic scenes in the public. He is extremely loyal to his wife and cat. Uncle Weird can turn the atmosphere anywhere into a negative one within the snap of a finger.