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The 10 Best Restaurants In Soho, Hong Kong
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Soho, Hong Kong

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Soho, short for South of Hollywood Road, is located west of Lan Kwai Fong. A leisurely shopping area, visitors can take a pleasant stroll and visit boutiques, art galleries, antiques shops, and studios, as well as enjoying a coffee. With restaurants serving various national cuisines including French, Nepalese, Italian, Indian, and Mexican dishes, SoHo embraces multicultural diversity. To ensure a fantastic culinary experience, we’ve found you the 10 best restaurants in Soho, Hong Kong.

Burger Circus

While the vintage-style façade with neon lights of Burger Circus resemble the furnishings of small local American stores in the 1980s, the interior design of Burger Circus resembles a western railway carriage from the 1950s, and staff are dressed in classic soda jerk uniforms. The burgers are characterized by natural and original flavours. The artisan bread is made using a secret recipe, the homemade Circus sauce is delicious, and the USDA prime-graded chucks are freshly minced every day.

G/F, 22 Hollywood Road, Central, HK, +852 28787787

Burger Circus © Jonathan Ooi/Flickr
Burger Circus | © Jonathan Ooi/Flickr

Jashan Indian Cuisine

Being one of the recommended dining spots by Michelin Hong Kong Guide 2009, Jashan celebrates traditional Indian dishes in either an all-you-can-eat style or dining menu. Along with the sumptuous buffet, Jashan was the first in Hong Kong to introduce the pioneering concept of Indian-style high tea. To experience the tea culture of India, the tea set, featuring fragrant earl grey tea and sumptuous Indian vegetarian snacks, is one of the best sellers. The world-class cuisine of Jashan makes it an ideal place for oriental culinary delights.

1/F, Amber Lodge, 23 Hollywood Road, SOHO, Central, HK, +852 31055300/ +852 31055311

Bistronomique Staunton

Restaurant, French, $$$
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Bistronomique Staunton

Bistronomique Staunton marks its restaurant with simple yet elegant environment and French dining. Spreading over two floors of seating, the stairwell of Bistronomique Staunton is lit by stylish pendants. Diners can enjoy high-class French dishes in an open-air spot imbued with dreamy romanticism while seeing pedestrians flocking among adjacent roads. Demonstrating classic French recipes, brown butter frog legs and salt baked seabream are the signature dishes at Bistronomique. If you’re craving for seasonal dishes, you may call to check its availability in advance.

Price: fine dining

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12-3pm, 6pm-12am

Watch out for: the lemon tart

G/F, 33 Staunton Street, SoHo, Central, HK, +852 23859883

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Staunton Street © Yuemenlimy/WikiCommons
Staunton Street | © Yuemenlimy/WikiCommons

The Herbivores

Located in the heart of Soho, The Herbivores is fantastic for vegetarian dishes. When pushing open the door, you’ll find chalkboard signs that lists food and drink specials. Serving over 30 types of dishes, the menu at The Herbivores features soup, salad, pasta, entrées as well as desserts. To advocate an eco-friendly, vegetarian lifestyle and minimize their carbon footprint, gelatin powder is replaced by seaweed powder and butter is substituted by rapeseed oil. The restaurant’s signature desserts are must-try items.

G/F, 35 Staunton Street, Soho, Central, HK, +852 26132909

Brunch Club

Located on the slanted uphill road, Peel Street, Brunch Club offers a tranquil and peaceful haven to enjoy all day breakfast. Brunch Club is decorated in a classy and uncomplicated style. Among the artisan baked goods supplied at Brunch Club, croissants, made with premium French butter, are the top-sellers. Supplying a rich selection of appetizers and desserts, guests could spend an entire day at Brunch Club, starting with a cup of a earl grey tea and continental breakfast set.

G/F, 70 Peel Street, Central, HK, +852 25268861


With a simple and classy design, the walls of Torimen are hung with comics related to dining, creating an environment filled with vitality. Flipping through the menu, strawberry yuzu serves as a wonderful welcome drink and prelude to traditional a Japanese dining experience. With fresh pomelo and strawberries with a mix of sweet and sour, the yuzu works up an appetite. In miso, soy sauce or salted soup base, the ramen at Torimen are soft but chewy, best complemented by grilled snacks like hamachi collar or fish cakes.

Shop 1-2, G/F, 1-5 Elgin Street, Soho, Central, HK, +852 25468008

Check-In Taipei

Paying heed to culinary creativity, the menu at Check-In Taipei is always variable. Furnished predominantly in modern black, the restaurant is decorated with a contemporary touch. Famous for its innovative dishes while retaining the authenticity on homely Taiwanese dining, traditional Taiwanese staples at Check-In Taipei are instilled with Westernized elements. For instance, beef stew is served with macaroni instead of rice, and pop-corn chicken is accompanied by waffles. At the bar, guests can have a taste of various inventive drinks while watching the mixing technique of the bartender.

G/F, 27 Hollywood Road, Central, HK, +852 23512622

Iberico & Co

Restaurant, Spanish, $$$
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Iberico & Co

Iberico & Co was designed by the renowned designer Kinney Chan. Specializing in Spanish delicacies, the tortillas at Iberico & Co are served in multiple styles with ingredients including parsley, pepperoni, and bell peppers. Iberico granola, is a popular dish found on the brunch menu. The crispiness of the Iberico granola, coupled with seedless raisins and bite-size hazelnuts, is offset by the soft yoghurt and sweet honey.

G/F, 18 Shelley’s Street, Central, HK, +852 27528811

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Bouchon Bistro Francais

With vintage French-style posters on the walls, and old-time ceiling fans, Bouchon Bistro Francais, with its outdoor terrace, is characterized by a classy and antique atmosphere. The menu is French-inspired, featuring distinctive seafood and meat ranging from escargots, mussels, to bone marrow. After enjoying the high-quality entrées, the signature dish on the desert menu, apple tart, rich with vanilla cream and cider, draws a perfect end to a French dining experience.

G/F, 49 Elgin Street, Soho, Central, HK, +852 25259300

Bep Vietnamese Kitchen

‘Bep’ in Vietnamese means kitchen, and, as it name suggests, the restaurant opens up their fully functional kitchen to diners, who can witness the wizardry of chefs from the process of preparing ingredients to putting noodles into soup. As a vegetarian friendly restaurant, Bep offers refreshing flavours of Vietnamese dishes with fresh herbs and selective use of spices. The pho noodle soup on the a la carte menu is an exemplary Vietnamese dish with chewy noodles and a savoury broth. With the set lunch costing less than a hundred Hong Kong Dollars (US$ 12), Bep is a favourable choice to stop by if you have a tight budget.

L/G, 9-11 Stauton Street, Central, HK, +852 25227533