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The 10 Best Restaurants in New Territories, Hong Kong
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The 10 Best Restaurants in New Territories, Hong Kong

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Updated: 9 February 2017
With the development of Hong Kong’s New Territories, a burgeoning number of reputable dining spots, serving classic Cantonese flavors and exotic Western cuisine, have attracted myriad visitors. Here are the 10 best restaurants within the region.

Chan Kun Kee

Chan Kun Kee is a time-honored restaurant located in the Sha Tin Wo Che Estate. Having run for more than 30 years, it remains a popular cooked food stall. The reason for this popularity is straightforward – fine delicacies and innovative cuisine at low prices. Among the distinguished signature dishes, wasabi hand-shredded chicken is the must-try item. Apart from signature dishes, Chan offers special-priced dishes from Monday to Friday that you should not miss. As an open-air environment, it is an ideal spot for friends to gather around and tuck in.

No.3-5, Wo Che Estate Market, Sha Tin, HK, +852 26061390

Chan Hon Kee

As a sophisticated and classic Cantonese restaurant situated in the remote area of Taipo, Chan Hon Kee is best known for their clay pot rice. Starting business in the 1990s, the restaurant was crammed with tables and stools along the narrow sidewalk. Upon expansion, it has now become a spacious dining spot. It is known to all that Chan Hon Kee’s must-try dishes are not limited to clay pot rice. They also include steamed rice rolls and congee. All the dishes are cooked-to-order, allowing customers to taste the delicate flavors of the fresh raw materials.

G/F, No.91B Wan Tau Street, Tai Po, HK, +852 26582277

Beans Coffee

The interior decoration of Beans Coffee embodies the contemporary design of modern coffee shops. There are floor-to-ceiling glass doors that expose sunlight to the indoor area, small potted plants that reflect continental style, and a blackboard with a cup of latte chalked on it. Beans’ design-your-own 3D art coffee has been the bestselling item on their menu. You can request any attractive patterns while the coffee maker is pouring steamed milk masterfully into a good cup of coffee, be it espresso or latte. Apart from coffee, Beans serves savory dishes, including all-day breakfasts and desserts.

G/F, 99 Hoi Pa Street, Tsuen Wan, HK, +852 55377465/ +852 22051911

Pavilion of Perfection © See-ming Lee/Flickr
Pavilion of Perfection | © See-ming Lee/Flickr

Mrs. Wah Cafe

The minute the door of Mrs. Wah Cafe opens, a heady aroma of the freshly baked signature pineapple bun wafts over. Mrs. Wah Café’s version of the crunchy-topped pineapple bun is regarded as pioneering, as it is stuffed with unusual fillings such as tomato, omelette and butter. Though the dishes on the menu are made from seemingly simple ingredients, their food is just tantalizing. As a local celebrity among Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong, this place refuses to take bookings. So, you should be prepared to wait at least two hours for a seat.

Hang Tau Tsuen, Ping Shan, Yuen Long, HK, +852 26172232

2+2 Café

Furnished in a voguish and stately style, 2+2 Café converges exotic cuisines from Asia and Europe. Its all-you-can-eat buffet is testimony to Hong Kong’s renowned label of a “Gourmet Paradise”. Featuring a seafood buffet, 2+2 Café imports lobsters from Boston, oysters from the Pacific, and mussels from France. A wide selection of meats are also served, like rib eye steak from Australia, kurobuta pork chop from Spain, and roast drumstick, just to name just a few. Replete, guests can retire to the open-air spot that is connected to the restaurant for coffee.

3/F, Royal Park Hotel, 8 Pak Hok Ting Street, Sha Tin, HK, +852 26943886

Royal Park Hotel © Atwanist/WikiCommons
Royal Park Hotel | © Atwanist/WikiCommons

La Terrazza Bar & Grill

Adjacent to the Sha Tin Town Hall, La Terrazza Bar & Grill has a baronial and fantastical feel, with architecturally noteworthy staircases leading up to the restful restaurant. Outdoors, you are placed in extensive grounds with carpets of fresh green. Indoors, you can set your eyes on the superb panorama of Shing Mun River. In this refined dining room, revolutionary Italian dishes are what’s on the one-page menu. Nonetheless, this is a perfect venue for a small wedding.

Garden Roof, Shatin Town Hall, 1 Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin HK, +852 2940 2827

Yaichi Ban Bashu Grill Shop

Like ordinary noodle shops, Yaichi Ban Bashu Grill Shop is a casual dining spot with plain and simple decoration. Offering affordable and inexpensive noodle dishes, Yaichi is one of the hottest new restaurants in the New Territories region. After roaming around Tsuen Wan, Yaichi is a prime spot to enjoy poached sliced fish imported from provinces of China, Hunan and Sichuan. Allowing customers to choose their level of spiciness they look for in Sichuan cuisine, the signature grilled fish is hard to beat.

Shop D, G/B, Lau Kin House, 48-68 Hau Tei Square, Tsuen Wan, NT, Tsuen Wan, HK, +852 35685495

New Territories © See-ming Lee/Flickr
New Territories | © See-ming Lee/Flickr

Shing Kee Noodles

From reasonably priced cuts of beef to delicious soup-based dishes, Shing Kee Noodles is one of the best spots to celebrate the hotpot season in Hong Kong. From classic soup bases, like beef stock and chicken soup, to distinctive soup ingredients, like tomatoes with crab and apple with pig bones, the soup broth at Shing Kee are diverse. Sharing is the business philosophy of Shing Kee, dedicated to sell Chinese noodles at a fair price in the neighborhood of Sha Tin. It is the tradition of Shing Kee to distribute free noodles on the 16th day of every month.

Shop 5, Lek Yuen Estate Market, Sha Tin, HK, +852 26926611

Cheung Hing Kee Pan-fried Pork Bun

Setting a city-wide record of selling a thousand pan fried pork buns per day, Cheung Hing Kee achieves excellence by specializing in Shanghai-style buns. Looking through the windows that separate the exhibition-style open kitchen from the dining tables, you’ll find bakers busy preparing the sought-after pan fried buns stuffed with pork. Kneading the dough, fermenting the yeast, and stuffing the ingredients – the entire process is conducted in bakers’ hands. While the appetizing relish of the buns is no secret, the vermicelli soup that combines three ingredient mix is also savory.

G/F, 13 Chuen Lung Street, Tsuen Wan, HK

Chuen Lung Street © Atwanist/WikiCommons
Chuen Lung Street | © Atwanist/WikiCommons

Chiu Chow Eatery

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Chiu Chow Eatery

Chiuchow cuisine is not limited to braised food, but dishes combining the essence of Cantonese and Hakka delicacies. This is what you would expect at Chiu Chow Eatery. Hidden inside the unassuming store is the established top chef that once worked in a renowned Chiuchow restaurant, Ng King Wing. This chef is accomplished in preparing complicated and long-winded Chiuchow recipes. With numerous styles of cooking, Chiu Chow Eatery is peculiar in retaining the originality of ingredients. It serves dishes such as sarcocarp with sweet and sour sauce that is attractively presented.

G/F, Shop A2, Mei Sun Building, 4-20 Kau Hui Chik Street, Tai Po, HK, +852 26660372

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