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Duddells_Opium| Courtesy of Duddell's
Duddells_Opium| Courtesy of Duddell's
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The 10 Best Cocktail Bars In Hong Kong

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Hong Kong, a bustling city famous for its dazzling nightlife and cosmopolitan streets, is home to a variety of trendy cocktail bars. Grab a topless Margarita or savor the delicate flavor of a french oyster. Hong Kong’s high octave entertainment will simply thrill your senses. Catch the most ‘hip and happening’ clubs in the city as we recommend 10 of the best cocktail bars in Hong Kong.
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Some like a Spirit on Spirit while some prefer a short Negroni, but at Duddell’s you’ll experience much more than just a simple mix of flavors. This cocktail bar is a spacious outdoor lounge that serves a British-influenced food menu and a creative range of cocktails. Sample their creative signature drink – the Opium (scotch laced with peach, poppy seed milk and a pinch of lime). Showcasing stylishly designed interiors with a colorful background, this cocktail bar offers a serene ambiance with its outdoor tropical foliage.

Address and telephone number: Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street, Central Hong Kong, China, +85-22-5259191

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The Chinnery at the Mandarin Oriental

The Chinnery is an esteemed establishment of the Mandarin Oriental that has been named after the British artist George Chinnery, his unique artwork being exhibited in the halls of this classic venue. Grab a seat and gorge on a plateful of Scotch eggs as you indulge in an aged Manhattan high. Showcasing traditionally styled interiors with warm wood furnishings and green banquettes, The Chinnery is renowned for holding the largest collection of Single malt whiskey in town, with more than a hundred variants. For cocktail enthusiasts the bar serves an intoxicating medley of choices, from Mint Julep to the rich Rob Roy.

Address and telephone number: 5 Connaught Rd Central, Hong Kong, China, +85-22-8254009

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The Envoy

With plush colonial furnishings, a white-light strewn patio and a chic atmosphere, the Envoy is one of Hong Kong’s trendiest salons. With options such as their signature drink True Blood – a fresh combination of beetroot juice, lemon, ginger and a hint of liqueur – or whimsical concoctions like the Picnic Spritz, the Envoy delivers a sophisticated experience of Asian inspired dining on the third floor of the gorgeous Pottinger Hotel. Engage in lively conversations as you pick from a colorful mix of tea cocktails that you can accompany with a delicious assortment of afternoon bites.

Address and telephone number: 3/F, The Pottinger Hong Kong, 74 Queen’s Road, Central Hong Kong, China, +85-22-1693311

Varga Lounge

This sassy boutique venue characterized by its American 1950’s spirit drips with nostalgia and cultural memoirs of the deep West. Embracing a contemporary decor and playing classic Broadway show tunes, the cocktail bar is ideal for holding a birthday party or a raging bachelor party. With spacious sofas and traditional chinoiserie, the lounge has been divided into two floors, each capable of holding a large crowd. Grab a shot of Golden tequila and enjoy an old salon tale of cocktails and crooners at the Varga Lounge.

Address and telephone number: 36 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong, China, +85-22-1049697

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A fine dining retreat reserving a cocktail extravaganza, this Izakaya-styled restaurant specializes in Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers). Try a creative cocktail swig like the Jolly Rancher and pair it with a spectacular dish such as the lemon drenched oysters for a grand outing. Yardbird is ingredient-obsessed, serving a delicious swing of binchotan charcoal grills in a modern dining environment where you can enjoy a decadent evening with friends. Located in one of Hong Kong’s hippest neighborhoods, Yardbird is all about sensational aromas, burning hot skewers and an ubiquitous menu.

Address and telephone number: 33-35 Bridges Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, China, +85-22-5479273

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Ham & Sherry

In the busy streets of the Wan Chai district an intimate space decorated with Spanish blue-white tiles opened its doors to the people in Hong Kong offering a glimpse of Spanish traditions. Ham & Sherry is a delightful place to enjoy European inspired concoctions. They offer a menu of classic tapas, such as the Killer prawns, with a Hong Kong twist. While a light snack of Iberico ham with a glass of sherry is enough to set a buzz, you can also try their medley of cocktails. A popular sherry cocktail, Let’s Go Camping is a wonderful mix of Oloroso sherry with Mancino Rosso Vermouth, Campari, Michter’s Rye Whiskey, Absinthe and a dose of toasted marshmallows.

Address and telephone number: 1-7 Ship St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China, +85-22-5550628

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Yu Club

If you’re eager to get away from the high street crowds and prefer to hang out in a cozy den with your group of friends, the Yu Club offers private dining and an incredible mix of seasonal cocktails. With framed old newspaper cuttings covering the walls, this cocktail bar is a cool place to be if you’re into old-school trends. While you enjoy Pop Rock shots, try their salmon sashimi and some wasabi vodka shots if you’re thinking of having a bit of fun. With the vintage wallpaper which attracts young travelers, this quirky lived-in space is a casual hangout perfect to find relief from Hong Kong’s madness.

Address and telephone number: 24-26 Stanley St., Central Hong Kong, China, +85-22-8681833

Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge

This cocktail lounge named after a Polynesian greeting that translates as ‘kiss kiss’ is a cocktail heaven for those looking for an elegant spot in the vivid streets of Hong Kong. Serving creative and zingy concoctions, your taste buds will feel a hint of extra spice once you try their signature cocktail – Honi Honi Kiss. Bringing together a variety of Polynesian flavors in its cuisine and with Polynesian elements in its architecture, the generous use of timber and bamboo in the decor create a warm ambiance in the midst of lush greenery and sculpted figurines. Kick back and relax in the outdoor terrace with a cup of a local favorite drink – the Kung Fu Master.

Address and telephone number: 3/F Somptueux Central, 52 Wellington Street, Central Hong Kong, China, +85-23-530885

Starters with Cocktails|© Kurman Communications/Flickr
Starters with Cocktails | © Kurman Communications/Flickr
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The Quinary

The Quinary is a chic cocktail lounge where avant-garde technology blends with Asia’s most classic recipes to present a vintage styled laboratory of playful drinks made with rich, exotic ingredients. While the bar’s most prestigious mixologist, Antonio Lai, presents whimsical concoctions like the Bloody Mary made from wasabi-redistilled vodka, you can grab an appetizing bite from their Asian inspired menu. The classy interiors of Quinary are decked with ultra-rare bottles of wine and liquor, and in this original setting you can enjoy a decadent evening of creative cocktails in the midst of serene jazz harmonies.

Address and telephone number: 58 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong, China, +85-22-8513223

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This cocktail bar is a brightly lit haven in Hong Kong that offers a refined ambiance where magical cocktails are served with hypnotic pop melodies in the background. Complete with plush furnishings, every form of liquid creation served at Dragon-i is a vivid display of eccentricity. Specializing in flavors that are uniquely Chinese, the restaurant is a charming space where gourmet cuisine with a traditional touch can be enjoyed. Taste their signature cocktail, the Hong Kong Dragon, alongside a wholesome meal of Xiao Long Bao.

Address and telephone number: UG/F, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham St, Central, Hong Kong, China, +85-23-1101222