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The 10 Best Bars In Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong
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The 10 Best Bars In Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The streets of Lan Kwai Fong are some of Hong Kong’s most tourist-trodden, especially at night. From Korean-style beers and palatable Canadian lobsters, to imported premium red wines, a great variety of fine restaurants and bars can be found along this steep path. Check out our guide to the 10 best bars in Lan Kwai Fong, currently burning things up with delectable East-meets-West recipes and extensive wine lists.


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Gold Coast Hotel
Gold Coast Hotel | © ★Yo photography/Flickr


This bar, with a 3,500 square feet spacious dining area, is a hangout favored by visitors and businessmen. Serving lunch sets and an a la carte menu during the afternoon and evening, Graffiti gives itself a shake and transforms into a hopping nightclub and bar at midnight. The diverse wine list features refreshing yet sweet cocktails topped with fruits and a few bites of crushed chilli, whilst HK$100 buys you a cup of Strawberry Margarita or a Graffiti Mojito. Live bands begins at 9pm, while you can watch matches on the five meter television, providing a feast for your eyes, ears, and taste buds.

Shop C & D, UG/F, Ho Lee Commercial Building, 17-22 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, HK, +852 25262520

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Hong Kong skyline © Chris/Flickr
Hong Kong skyline | © Chris/Flickr


Keyaki gets its popularity from its snug, izakaya-like atmosphere. The Keyaki prides itself on its decorative wall, covered in posters of Japanese movies and flyers that radiate vintage nostalgia. Keyaki’s menu offers varieties of yakitori, ranging from chicken from Iwate-ken, pork, to beef from Kagoshima, and over 90% of the ingredients are imported from Japan. While ordinary yakitori stalls resort to electric stoves, Keyaki sources charcoals from Japan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam that can endure high temperatures. You’ll find the perfect brew from the diverse lineup of over 50 types of sake.

G/F, 14 Wo On Lane, Central, HK, +852 23627223

The wheel beside Central Pier © Kirill Ξ/Κ Voloshin/Flickr
The wheel beside Central Pier | © Kirill Ξ/Κ Voloshin/Flickr

Schnurrbart German Pub and Restaurant

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Schnurrbart German Pub and Restaurant

Indulge yourself with authentic mouthwatering pork knuckles and German beer in this laid-back and un-intimidating bar spot, reminiscent of pubs in Berlin. Established over 25 years ago, the bar is furnished with old photos showcasing German breweries and vintage wooden stools arranged neatly along the bar table. Using products imported directly from Germany, Schnurrbart’s offers a wide selection of the beers. Want a full-on night with friends? Try out the 20 shots of schnapps served on the one-meter-long piece of wood.

G/F, 29 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, HK, +852 25234700

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Bisque | Lobster & Champagne

Situated in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, this classy but quite funky upstairs pub serves more than simply premium-quality champagne. Inside, the combination of blue and gold gives the place the air of a romantic and high-class club. The signature dish, Canadian-style lobster served in numerous flavours, will evoke your Canadian nostalgia. From tantalizing Spanish Brut Champagne Hendrik Camphius, to French Fine De Claire No.3 Marennes-Oleron, the drinks at Bisque are just irresistibly appealing. The fruity N.V Vicente Gandia Cava Brut, with artwork on the bottle, donated by Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, available at Bisquee, proves its deluxe quality of wine.

1/F, 1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, HK, +852 23318181

The view of Central from Lan Kwai Fong © EAlexandre Syrota/Flickr
The view of Central from Lan Kwai Fong | © EAlexandre Syrota/Flickr

Bread Street & Bar

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Bread Street & Bar

This bar’s British-European menu, presenting world-class dishes, has never failed to impress diners. Choosing imported artisan products and ingredients from Australasia, Bread Street & Bar advocates casual dining. Run by the world-esteemed British chef, Gordon Ramsay, whose restaurants have been awarded a total of 16 Michelin stars, the restaurant is designed in a wistful warehouse-like style, with British-imported yellow sofas, black-and-white tiles, and vintage pendants hung at different levels. In this warm and dreamy atmosphere, it’s best to take a sip of the best British red wine and a bite of tenderly steamed snapper.

Mezzanine Level, LKF Hotel, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, HK, +852 22301800

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Bread Street © Philip Lai/Flickr
Bread Street | © Philip Lai/Flickr


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Hollywood Road
Hollywood Road | © Augusto Mia Battaglia/Flickr


In an area dominated by American or European style bar, Korean bars like Hanjan are one of the atypical minorities in Lan Kwai Fong. Hanjan literally means ‘a cup’ in Korean. Inside, it is compartmentalized into a ten-foot-long bar counter serving the unique draught beer Hite Draft, from the Yeungdeungpo region in Seoul, made from malt and husked rice, and a fresh and comfortable dining area with wooden tables and chairs coupled with a Korean giant tree in the center. The outstanding Kimchi Fizz, cocktail brewed with kimchi and ginseng, is Hanjan’s signature. Finally, a bar worthy of its exclusive wine supplies.

G/F, 4-5 Wo On Lane, Central, HK, +852 24086000

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Irish bar with vintage table settings.

Lan Kwai Fong’s venerable Kila, the flagstone of Wyndham Street, is a bar specializing in Irish delicacies. The façade is furnished in green and black, revealing a sense of modernity. Inside the Irish pub you’ll find drinkers sitting at cozy lounges around communal wooden tables, while dim light glows from the classy pendants. Kila serves three brands of draught beers including Asahi, Carlsberg, and the Guinness dry stout. At night, Kila is packed with musicians performing traditional music.

Harilela House, 79 Wyndham Street, Central, HK, +852 25228118

Post 97

As a Victorian-themed bar, Post 97 was once the landmark of Lan Kawi Fong, and has been standing for over 30 years. Behind the black curtains, you’ll find vintage and patterned tiles, stools, lamps, and framed wall mirrors, all made from wood, as if the pendulum had swung back to the year of 1897. The bar features artisan vodka and gin in various flavours. Post 97 is also specializes in offering cocktails aged in American-imported oak barrels, where customers can personalize their own flavour of cocktails in the barrels. Australian chef Brian Moore is noted for his unique cocktail pairings, come here to try them out.

9 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, HK, +852 28109331

Lan Kwai Fong © foomtsuruhashi/Flickr
Lan Kwai Fong | © foomtsuruhashi/Flickr


Rockabilly boasts its delicate mini artisan burgers and specialty alcoholic drinks. The interior was designed by Ben McCarthy from Charlie & Rose. Taking inspiration from vintage vehicle maintenance stores, the décor of the upper and lower floors is simple, and invokes the country rock style with decadent beauty: urban elements, cargo ship salvage tools, neon signs, concrete walls. Keeping faith with the principle of ‘the simplest is the best, Rockabilly bashes out mouthwatering grubs, including eight flavours of high-quality mini beef burgers, three types of savoury burgers made with pork, chicken and fish, and seven styles of crispy fries made with secret recipes.

Price: budget

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 5pm-1am

Watch out for: mini burgers and fries

12 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, HK, +852 28690099

Central Market © Clarence/Flickr
Central Market | © Clarence/Flickr

Veranda BBQ Restaurant & Bar

Bar, Restaurant, European, $$$
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Veranda BBQ Restaurant & Bar

As a football enthusiast, the owner of Veranda has decorated the bar counter and all the tables with Premiership badges and stickers. If you’re a fan of the ‘beautiful game’, he’ll enjoy a chat with you about how your team is doing. Chunks of oxtail topped with spiced salt give Veranda ample opportunity to showcase the quality of its barbecue menu. In addition to the signature dishes, like marinated chicken wings and chicken kidneys, the Cantonese-style bean curd puff marinated with fermented soybean sauce is a must-try item.

Room J&K, 2/F, Winner Building, 8-16 Wing Wah Lane, Lan Kwai Fong, +852 63057089

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