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Star Ferry © pete / Wiki Commons
Star Ferry © pete / Wiki Commons
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Stay in the Hotel Inspired by Hong Kong's Iconic Star Ferry

Picture of Matthew Keegan
Updated: 15 January 2018
There are few symbols more synonymous with Hong Kong than its famous cross-harbour Star Ferry. Now, The Fleming boutique hotel in the city’s Wan Chai neighbourhood has dedicated its new look to the iconic green-and-white ferries.

For most people visiting Hong Kong, one of the top must-do items on their list is to take the city’s iconic Star Ferry to cross the Victoria Harbour. It has been one of the most popular ways to cross the harbour for more than a century.

In fact, The National Geographic Traveler named the ferry crossing as one of the 50 places of a lifetime. The ferry ride is also well known as one of the world’s best value-for-money sightseeing trips.

After a major renovation, The Fleming hotel in Wan Chai has opted for a new design that is inspired by Hong Kong’s iconic cross-harbour ferries.

Star Ferry Hong Kong
Star Ferry crosses the harbour in Hong Kong | © Mk2010 / Wiki Commons

The interior of the hotel is now decked out with maritime-style features such as porthole-like mirrors and navy-striped rugs.

Maxime Dautresme, the hotel’s designer, told CNN Travel: “We examined the Star Ferry, stripped it down, and examined what makes it so special.

“It’s about efficiency, history, community … It is really the perfect way to celebrate Hong Kong in the hotel.”

The Fleming Wan Chai Hong Kong
Maritime look | © Courtesy of The Fleming

The Fleming’s 66 guest rooms contain nods to the Star Ferry’s green and white colour scheme. Glass-green walls, eggshell-white linens, smoked oak floors, leather drapes and old-school brass lighting fixtures are all features of the new look.

The Fleming Hong Kong 2
Lavish interior | © Courtesy of The Fleming

The renovation was overseen by design agency A Work of Substance (AWOS), whose main aim was to “enable guests to really experience Hong Kong in a way they’ve never felt before.” The hotel’s new design contains visual cues that guests might pick up as they wander around the streets.

“We want to engage guests and make them aware of how rich the Cantonese culture is,” says Dautresme.

In addition to reflecting the richness of Cantonese culture and aspects of the city’s history and heritage, the hotel boasts its own all-day dining restaurant called Osteria Marzia. The stylish eatery serves up the best of coastal Italian food – predominantly seafood dishes that are a big hit with Asian guests.

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong’s bustling Wan Chai neighbourhood, the hotel is also right on the doorstep of one of the city’s most popular nightlife areas, Lockhart Road.

Wan Chai Hong Kong
The Fleming sits close to one of the city’s most popular nightlife areas | © Chris / Flickr

For all involved in the new look hotel, they hope it will enjoy a fraction of the success that has made the city’s Star Ferry an iconic Hong Kong attraction and a fitting stylistic inspiration.

The Fleming, 41 Fleming Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 3607 2288