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© Andrea Wan / Culture Trip
© Andrea Wan / Culture Trip
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‘Skipping the Grid’ by Andrea Wan 

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Updated: 8 November 2018
Andrea Wan combines surreal imagery with Hong Kong’s towering urban landscape in her nostalgic graphic story ‘Skipping the Grid’.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Andrea Wan is a Berlin-based visual artist and illustrator. As a child, she felt constricted by an overly rigid and test-focussed school system, and found an escape through her dreams and imagination. Wan examines this liminal space – between the real and the imagined – in her art, which lends it a surreal, dreamlike quality. In ‘Skipping the Grid’, Wan depicts a young girl both smothered by and rising above Hong Kong’s stifling environment, her gaze on spaces beyond. Though she felt relief on leaving Hong Kong for Canada in the 1990s, Wan remains nostalgic for the city’s distinctive beauty. Charming, wistful and full of hope, ‘Skipping the Grid’ captures the emotional complexity of remembering.

This piece is part of Culture Trip’s original fiction project on the theme of arrivals and departures in London, New York City and Hong Kong.