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Caption | © Wilerson S Andrade / Flickr
Caption | © Wilerson S Andrade / Flickr
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Hong Kongers Ranked the Most Travelled People In the World

Picture of Matthew Keegan
Updated: 25 September 2017
It seems Hong Kongers have the travel bug more than anywhere else since they top a study of the world’s most travelled people.

Making an average of 11 trips per year, Hong Kongers have come out top in a study that determines which country makes the largest number of international trips per year.

The study conducted by MoveHub, an international relocation expert, investigated the number of international tourist departures from 111 different countries between 2007 and 2016 with Hong Kong citizens securing the first position with 11.4 trips per year.

The report places Hong Kongers way out in the lead making, on average, eight more trips a year than people from Luxembourg, who came in second with three trips a year.

Caption | Courtesy of MoveHub.

So why do Hong Kongers like to travel so much? Some suggest it’s because Hong Kong has close proximity and offers easy access to other neighbouring countries in South East Asia. Flights to and from destinations like Taiwan (a 90-minute flight away), The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia are frequent, and you can uncover some great bargains.

Others point to Hong Kong’s often fast-paced and sometimes stressful pace of life as a reason for people needing to take more breaks.

Time is another factor. Hong Kong celebrates 17 public holidays a year. In addition, employees are legally entitled to seven days annual leave, which can increase up to 14 days. Altogether, that’s quite a decent amount of time off.

Last year, a survey conducted online by travel company Travelzoo identified Japan as the favourite destination for Hong Kongers to escape to, followed by South Korea and Taiwan.

The report also looked into which countries spend the most money when abroad. Hong Kong-based respondents said they spent about $20,000 HK (£2,000 UK) on travel last year. However, the report found the people of Luxembourg to be the top spenders abroad, shelling out £4,500 on travel annually.

Caption | Courtesy of MoveHub.

Among the least travelled citizens are Americans, which the report claims only make 0.2 trips a year per person. As of 2017, just 46% of Americans hold passports, suggesting that many U.S. citizens have not made the first steps toward holidaying abroad. Additionally, the U.S. government gives few annual leave days and does not provide statutory minimum annual leave entitlement, meaning that employers have full reign over how much holiday their employees can take.

The top 10 countries that travel the most are as follows:

1. Hong Kong (11.4 annual tourist trips per capita)
2. Luxembourg (2.56)
3. Hungary (1.62)
4. Sweden (1.5)
5. Finland (1.46)
6. Ireland (1.44)
7. Singapore (1.44)
8. Switzerland (1.42)
9. Denmark (1.40)
10. Albania (1.36)