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SoHo © Oleg Shpyrko / Flickr
SoHo © Oleg Shpyrko / Flickr
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Experience Everyday Life In SoHo, Hong Kong With These Enticing Instagram Pics

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Updated: 28 October 2016
SoHo, the area south of Hollywood Road, is renowned in Hong Kong for its variety of multicultural cuisine, swanky bars, and buzzing nightlife. Come during the day, and you’ll find narrow historical streets full to the brim with knick-knacks, cultural antiques, chic cafés, art galleries and more to intrigue and entice you. At night, the atmosphere seems to change completely as the city’s lights turn on, and the streets come alive with patrons wanting to unwind after work. Here, we have the top Instagram posts that capture everyday life in and around the vibrant SoHo area.

Everyone here seems really friendly, even the Maneki Nekos.

Even the trees are fascinating with their exposed roots and naturally ominous charm.

🌳 🌲 🌿 #creepyhongkongtrees #Hongkong #sohohk

A photo posted by Oli Cash (@olicash) on

There’s a ton of traditional art and architecture that captures the most cultural side of SoHo and Hong Kong, such as these gossiping gargoyles.

If you’re thrifty, there are a number of places you can go to satiate your splurging needs, and a lot of the secondhand items available are quite unique.

Beautiful pre-loved junk 😍 #hongkong #instahk #instatravel #sohohk #vsco #instadaily #vscocam

A photo posted by Monita Moerdani (@monitamoerdani) on

Sometimes you don’t have to look far to find a bargain.

But be quick, as the streets are always chockablock with people.

#sohohk #midlevels #stauntonstreet #hkig #stauntons #fridaynight

A photo posted by Philip Newsome (@drphilipnewsome) on

The great thing about SoHo is that you can really immerse yourself in local culture.

As well as admiring some more modern aspects of lifestyle and design.

The drinks are good too.

Spending Easter weekend with sips of Vietnam… #staycation

A photo posted by Chôm Chôm (@chomchomhk) on

As is the food, especially the traditional street food snacks.

The area is charming and cozy, despite being amongst a jungle of concrete buildings.

However, it’s a noisy and ever-changing place.

You’ll feel safe, even when exploring the streets at night in the cool(er) air.

And there is always something unique to sink your teeth into.

And admire the traditional bamboo scaffolding that is still in use.

#bambooscaffoldinghongkong #patternsofhongkong

A photo posted by @pixbybella on

There’s a certain elegance that lies in the old charm of the city, and SoHo portrays that really well.

Did we mention the food was good?

oven is heating, pizza is calling, are you still working?

A photo posted by Motorino Hong Kong (@motorinohk) on

Like…really, really good?

Maybe at times you’ll be baffled by how bizarre it can be.

Can you spot the chianti bottles in our bar? Hint: look up.

A photo posted by Stazione Novella (@stazionenovella) on

All the while retaining a strong sense of culture and tradition.

Smoke. #hongkong #sohohk #hongkongnight #hkig

A photo posted by Markus Vesøen (@vesoen) on

You’ll grow to love it all.
Especially during festivals when the streets come alive with bursts of vibrant colors.


A photo posted by MJ Choi (@mjcoom) on

It is memorable and it’s fun.

#hongkong #hk #foodstall #hkig #wallart #artinthecity #sohohk #hkcitygirl #hklife

A photo posted by HKcitygirl (@852citygirl) on

It’s creative and colorful, without being garish.

It can be a peaceful scene too if you find the right places.

Rooftop, mezze and a bottle of vin Libanais.

A photo posted by Maison Libanaise (@maisonlibanaise) on

The street art is great.

Harmony, love, happiness…#hongkong #streetart #sohohk

A photo posted by @dressup10 on

There's always something interesting around Soho #hongkong #lovethiscity

A photo posted by Jewelry, Lattes and Hong Kong (@alelijewels) on

And there are areas that remain, as much as possible, green.

#HongKong #soho #sohohk #architecture #asia #cozy #cozyplace

A photo posted by Natalia Kot (@junckot) on

We love you SoHo!

#welovesoholife #sohohk #travel #traveling #leica #leicam #photography

A photo posted by XXiamcathyXX (@xxiamcathyxx) on