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Coyote Restaurant ©Coyote Restaurant
Coyote Restaurant ©Coyote Restaurant
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Reviewing Coyote Restaurant In Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Picture of Michaela Fulton
Updated: 9 February 2017
Some claim that Coyote has the best margaritas, while some hold the notion that the burritos are the greatest you can find in Hong Kong. Whether you agree with these beliefs or not, it is safe to say you’ll have a good time trying the food and drinks here.

The Background

Coyote is one of those establishments that has managed to stand the test of time, having been around for over ten years. They strive towards serving quality Mexican dishes and premium tequila – of which they have a selection of over 75 choices. With friendly staff, a lively atmosphere and a spacious setting which spans two levels to separate bar and restaurant, this is a great venue catering to customers who want to eat or drink. Or both!

© Michaela Fulton

© Michaela Fulton

The place is full of character, not only in terms of food but also décor. While seated, you can gaze upon a vast collection of sombreros that hang from the walls, beams and even light fixtures, admire the colorful hanging lamps, as well as a rather gothic display of decorations on the wall opposite the mezzanine.


The Food

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to food, with an extensive menu that covers the best of the best of renowned Mexican grub – think enchiladas, chimichangas, nachos and some rather beefy (in size) burritos. Though not necessarily super authentic, the dishes range on a scale from traditional to attitude-ridden.

One must-try dish is the fajitas, which are served on a hot iron skillet alongside fresh grilled onions, bell peppers, the all-holy guacamole, sour cream and red salsa. You can choose from a selection of fillings to suit your needs, such as salmon, chicken, chipotle-marinated prawns, beef steak and grilled veggies. Or, for the indecisive ones out there, you can even choose to combo it up. The fajitas also come with lovely warm, flour tortillas. However, be prepared: you’ll be struggling to find room for dessert after the main course as Coyote isn’t shy when it comes to serving generous portions, but they are well worth the imminent food baby you’ll be carrying afterward. Those with special dietary requirements needn’t worry either, for the restaurant ensures to cater for any special requests you may have.

© Michaela Fulton

© Michaela Fulton

For those who are keen to eat more than usual, you can even treat yourself to an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet that is full to the brim with nachos, tacos, salad, tortillas and more for only $108 HKD. Though quantity seems to excel over quality here, the food still boasts some wonderful Mexican flavors and textures to suit your mood.

If that’s not enough, there are even some homemade sauces for you to douse your food in, should you wish, which are surprisingly delicious (and spicy for those daring to steer away from the milder choice).


The Drinks

Drinks at Coyote deserve a special mention, not only because of the inspiring range they provide but also because they serve some intriguing concoctions too. You can choose from a range of premium, silver and gold tequila; opt for signature cocktails (bloody maria, anyone?); red or white sangria, flaming shots, attitude-infused cocktails with a dash of Tabasco or some chilled Mexican – bottled or draft –imported cervezas.

For those needing to beat the HK heat, frozen fruit margaritas are the way to go. With ice, fresh fruit and tequila, they have a winner here. Yet again, there is something for everyone, as they cater to all your fruity needs with flavors such as strawberry, banana, mango, raspberry, guava, kiwi, grapefruit, passionfruit, cranberry and much more.

Creole Watermelon ©Michael Korcuska

Creole Watermelon ©Michael Korcuska


Coyote is a great place for those craving some hearty Mexican grub with a lively atmosphere (especially later on in the evenings), generous helpings of food and delicious drinks to suit all palates. Those who are indecisive may find the menu overwhelming, but if that’s the case, there are always staff members who can recommend something for you. Either that or opt for the closed eyes and point method.

Maybe next time we’ll be brave enough to try the Sizzling Tojitos…

Overall stars (4/5): Atmosphere: 
Food: Service: ★★★
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11am – 2am Reservations: Call
Address: 114 – 120 Lockhart, Wan Chai Sound: Lively
Nearest tube station: Wan Chai Price: $60 – $300 HKD
Telephone number: +852 2861 2221 Website: