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Spectacular views come at a high price | Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong
Spectacular views come at a high price | Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong
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Check Out the Views From The World's Highest Hotel

Picture of Matthew Keegan
Updated: 6 November 2017
If you have a head for heights you may well enjoy a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. At a giddy height of 1,587ft, it’s the world’s highest hotel and not one for the faint-hearted.

For travelers who enjoy a room with a view, you can’t do much better than the palatial suite at the top of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Hong Kong.

Opulence | Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Perched on the 117th floor, it offers arguably the best views of the city’s iconic skyline and world famous Victoria Harbour. At 3,930 sq ft, the plush suite isn’t short on space, either.

Not only does the suite offer floor to ceiling windows and spectacular panoramic views, it comes complete with a personal butler, sauna, whirlpool and, of course, a telescope. They’ll transfer you to and from the airport in a Rolls Royce too.

Room with a view | Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Even the hotel’s main lobby, situated on the 103rd floor, is high in the sky. The hotel’s 312 rooms occupy floors 104-117. Both the world’s highest bar, called Ozone, and swimming pool are located on floor 118 along with the spa.

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong is located at the very top of Hong Kong’s tallest building, the International Commerce Centre in the city’s Kowloon area. Since the hotel opened in 2011, it’s literally been taking luxury to new heights.

The Ritz-Carlton is based in the International Commerce Centre | Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Its signature restaurants, Tosca – offering Michelin-starred southern Italian cuisine and Tin Lung Heen – offering two Michelin star Cantonese cuisine, are both located on the 102nd floor. They are also joined by the Lounge & Bar where visitors can enjoy afternoon tea with stunning views overlooking the harbour below.

The hotel believes its jewel in the crown is the world’s highest bar, Ozone, located on floor 118 which offers Asian tapas and signature cocktails to a backdrop of panoramic views, as well as the chance to drink on the world’s highest alfresco terrace. The Ozone bar shares the top floor with a fitness centre that features its own infinity pool and even an outdoor whirlpool.

Indoor infinity pool | Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

For those who enjoy the high life this hotel really ticks all the boxes. However, you’ll need deep pockets to stay here. A night in the world’s highest suite in the highest hotel in the world comes at, you guessed it, a high price: US$17,800 for the luxury.