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26 Wanderlust-Inducing Images Of Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Picture of Michaela Fulton
Updated: 9 February 2017
Back in the day, Wan Chai was formerly known as the party district – where creatures of the night would partake in debauchery. Now, although still a great location for a night out, it’s a pleasant neighborhood for sightseeing, snacking on local cuisine and shopping. From the huge Wanchai Computer Centre and garment heaven that is Spring Garden Lane to Tai Yuen Street – an entire strip dedicated to kids toys – there’s always something fascinating to explore here.

The best thing about Hong Kong is that the markets are still as good as the old days. They give you a real sense of community, and the atmosphere is unlike any other.

If you get tired of browsing the streets or need to hide out in some air-con, there are plenty of coffee shops boasting some pretty latte art.

And there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, from Japanese-style dumplings to Mexican food.

If you’re visiting at night, there’s no chance of suffering from boredom.

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It’s a busy area, with areas that contrast old and new – but that’s what gives Hong Kong its lovable charm.

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Plus, when the sun is shining, it’s super pretty.

There’s also a surprising amount of greenery for a concrete jungle.

Good morning Hong Kong

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It’s a classy place that’s full of character.

And the architecture is something we can never tire of.

There’s even a tower, Central Plaza, that tells the time – no joke. Those neon bands below the spire equate to 15 minutes a piece.

Skyscraper city 🏙. #photographhongkong

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Sometimes the sheer density of the city can be undoubtedly overwhelming, maybe causing you to suffer from mild claustrophobia.

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But that’s soon forgotten.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the markets can be a little terrifying with the amount of meat on display. But then your craving for ribs grows.

You come to learn that riding on the legendary ‘ding ding’ may not be the most efficient way to commute through the city. But, my god, is it worth it when you have the time.


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Sometimes the number of people not appreciating your bubble of personal space can get annoying, but most are super friendly.

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Seriously, could you honestly say that you could grow tired of this?

Admittedly, looking down may not always be the best idea in Hong Kong.


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That building that has a roof like a soaring bird? That’s the Convention and Exhibition Centre – a great place to check out some local art exhibitions and traditional performances.

Food can be super cute if you go to the right place.

Or just downright delicious. These fish balls are a must-try if you want to eat some traditional street food. And there’s plenty of that in Wan Chai.

Street food heaven here in HK on every corner it seems in #wanchai

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Dense, you say?

Even so, if you head over to Tamar Front, you’ll be able to appreciate the free space.

You can always be sure to find something that makes your walk through the neighborhood an intriguing one – such as this random colorful building.

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Even the flowers are unique and intriguing.


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And, of course, the markets play a huge role in cultural experiences.

You’ll soon become a part of the look up club due to the immense verticality of the city.

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