Top Ice Cream Parlors On Hong Kong Island

Fried ice cream, Hong Kong  © Naomi Young/Flickr
Fried ice cream, Hong Kong © Naomi Young/Flickr
Photo of Michaela Fulton
12 January 2017

Sometimes there is only one way to beat the heat in Hong Kong, and that’s with ice cream (or frozen yoghurt, if you must). To save you trawling the island for the best ice cream parlors, we’ve picked the ultimate places to get a cone.

Elephant Grounds

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Can’t decide whether you want cake or ice cream? Why not have both? Elephant Grounds is home to locally roasted coffee, pastries, and possibly the best ice cream sandwiches in Hong Kong. They’re extremely filling, not too sweet, and there are some inventive creations on offer that range from honeycomb with earl grey tea cake, to lemonade with two giant macaroons and chopped pistachios. Flavors change every week, so you’ll have to be on the ball if you want to catch some of the limited edition creations.

Yo Mama

Ice Cream Parlour, Contemporary
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Yo Mama, Central
Yo Mama, Central | © Photo Courtesy of Yo Mama

For those looking to cool down in a healthier way, there is always the ice cream alternative that is fro-yo (frozen yogurt). Yo Mama offers rich, velvety flavors that are thick, creamy and utterly scrumptious, with the added benefit of being full of natural probiotics. With flavors such as tiramisu, cappuccino, strawberry, green tea and creme brulee, these desserts are hard to resist. You can also choose to add toppings, from fresh fruit to chewy gummy bears.

Emack & Bolio’s

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Emack & Bolio’s, Cochrane Street
Emack & Bolio’s, Cochrane Street | © Photo Courtesy of Emack & Bolios HK

Originating in Boston in 1975, Emack & Bolio’s is a multi award-winning ice cream parlor serving an array of funky cones to accompany a multitude of ice cream flavors. You’ll find everything from froot loops, rice krispies and coco pops covered in melted marshmallow on their crunchy waffle cones, as well as ice cream flavors ranging from traditional vanilla to cake batter. Their extensive range may leave you a little lost for words, but with the queues, more often than not, extending out the door, you’ll have plenty of time to choose. It may be a little on the pricey side, but if you’re looking to treat yourself then they are definitely worth the splurge.

Holly Brown

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Holly Brown, Stanley Street
Holly Brown, Stanley Street | © Photo Courtesy of Holly Brown

Serving frozen yogurt and beloved Italian gelato, with 50 percent less fat than other premium ice creams, Holly Brown caters for those wanting to feel good about themselves and their sweet tooth urges. Made from natural ingredients and real fruit, they serve a number of different flavors such as chocolate fudge, wild berry, mint and more. You can choose from different waffle cone bowls (and an all new cocoa cone), and different toppings to suit your needs.

Shari Shari

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SHARI SHARI Kakigori House 氷屋, Haven Street
SHARI SHARI Kakigori House 氷屋, Haven Street | © Photo Courtesy of Shari Shari

Set with a simple wooden layout, Shari Shari serves some delicious shaved ice from Hokkaido that goes by the name of Kakigori. The shaved ice is super soft and very fine, with flavors that are neither too strong nor too weak: uki toki, tiramisu, sakura, warabi mochi and more. Expect to receive fluffy ice, big portions and a wonderful combination of textures and flavors from the toppings of syrup and whipped cream. You may even find some hidden gems (chewy mochi) in the centre of your ice mound.

I See I See

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© Photo Courtesy of I See I See
© Photo Courtesy of I See I See

Healthy alternatives seem to be the “in” thing at the moment, with many ice cream parlors offering alternative options to the common ice cream. I See I See is no different here, as they serve handcrafted artisanal ice pops and Hokkaido ‘snowflakes’ using natural, healthy ingredients; namely fruit. Though they have a simple menu, the flavors on offer are very creative, such as earl grey and pistachio, and rotate to include seasonal items too.

Small Potato Ice Creamery

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Named after their signature soft-serve Japanese purple yam ice cream, Small Potato Ice Creamery serves some unique flavors that you may not normally see elsewhere. You can even create hybrid flavors, for example, sea salt and purple yam, if you’re feeling adventurous. With generous servings and toppings, these ice creams are not overly sweet and make for a perfect alternative to the usual flavors you would normally find.