The Best Japanese Restaurants In Hong Kong

The Best Japanese Restaurants In Hong Kong
Most people conjure visions of sushi and sashimi when talking about Japanese cuisine, but steaming, frying and grilling are involved in Japanese cookery. Hong Kong has no shortage of Japanese restaurants – we round up the best ones.


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The largest Japanese-inspired all-you-can-eat yakiniku store in Hong Kong is Miyazaki. This place is furnished in a tatami style (a traditional Japanese style) with several barbecue bars serving more than 100 choices of meat, sashimi, tempura, and desserts. Never miss Miyazaki’s signature A5 beef chuck, Australia-imported diced beef, and prawns from the Indian Ocean. What’s so special about Miyazaki is their diverse seasoning: the ox tongue is flavored with choices of honey mustard, rock salt, and black pepper. Meanwhile the chicken offers the taste of Korean-style chili sauce and ginger.
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With its gravy yakitori and fresh sashimi, Katsuhachi serves premium gourmet Japanese. Decorated in a wooden style, Katsuhachi has a cozy dining environment. The assorted dishes include the Canadian sea urchin served in its purest form, served on top of slices of cucumber with fillets that taste fresh and chewy. If you wish to savor tantalizing bites of Japanese flavor, the engawa sushi best fulfills your desire. The green tea ice cream and melon jelly, with a sweet and refreshing taste, are the best end to your Japanese culinary journey.

Fujiyama 55

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Dipping ramen, known as tsukemen, is a must-try Japanese dish at Fujiyama 55. Different from savoring ramen in a broth, tsukemen serves the ramen noodles and soup separately which you dip the noodles inside the hot broth. In simple decor and Nagoya-style furnishings, Fujiyama offers a cozy atmosphere that holds up to 15 guests. The signature dish includes the extra-condensed pork tsukemen and sakura shrimp flavor.
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Osaka Richouen

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Ramen at Ichiran
Ichiran is the place to go for a delicious bowl of ramen | © Terence Toh Chin Eng / Shutterstock

Featuring fusion delicacies is Osaka Richouen. This world-renowned food chain in Japan with more than 30 branches, has opened its door in Hong Kong. Noted for incorporating Korean-inspired flavor into its Japanese dishes, the venue offers an array of cuisine including the all-time favorite pork hotpot. The free kimchi made with Chinese cabbage and sardine has a refreshing taste that stimulates guests’ appetite. Meanwhile the kimchi dumplings are imported directly from Richouen’s factory in Japan to ensure its original yet innovative flavor.

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Sum Siu Bar and Grill

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Sok Kwu Wan
Sok Kwu Wan | © Andy Enero//Flickr
Bask in this artistic atmosphere while savoring Japanese gourmet cuisine. Sum Siu Bar and Grill is a compound of Japanese-style restaurant and artistic gallery. The two-storey restaurant is designed in a traditional yet simple Japanese style with characteristic paintings from local artists hanging on the wall as ornaments. Featuring speciality skewers, Sum Siu sources top-notch ingredients, including US prime-grade beef and Japanese flower belly meat. The head chef visits the market to purchase fresh seafood like white eel. The signature Hiroshima oyster and grilled ox tongue should not be missed.
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