The 15 Best Tours in Hong Kong

In huge cities like Hong Kong, tours are a great way to get your bearings
In huge cities like Hong Kong, tours are a great way to get your bearings | © d3sign / iStock
Hong Kong is an immense city, and we’re not just talking about the buildings. Make the most of your time in the 852 by booking one of these tours and letting a seasoned guide lead you to the city’s most intriguing spots.

One of the most vibrant cities in the world, Hong Kong begs to be explored. But with so much ground to cover, it can be overwhelming. That’s where guided tours come into play. They cut through the clutter and side-step tourist traps to bring you straight into the heart of a city’s culture. Whether you’re interested in history, hiking, food or art, there’s a tour for you in this bustling metropolis.

Hong Kong After Dark

Architectural Landmark
The Temple Street night market, Hong Kong
© Nikada / iStock

Some cities sparkle in the day, but Hong Kong truly shines at night – and not just because of all the illuminated skyscrapers. This tour starts at one of the most famous markets in the city, Temple Street Night Market. Here, you can shop for souvenirs, try local food and even have your fortune told by a bird. Then stroll through a tranquil park, and take in the spectacular view from a secret spot. The excursion also covers a bit about Chinese opera and Hong Kong architecture.

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ToursKowloon Street-Food Tour
From $106 per person
3 hours
4.5 (10)

Learn more about Cantonese cuisine on this three-hour tour around Kowloon, the “dark side” of Hong Kong. Your guide will take you through a bustling fruit and produce market, pointing out the ingredients that define Hong Kong’s unique dishes. Then, taste them for yourself at busy dining courts and dai pai dongs (open-air food stalls). Ordering in Hong Kong can be intimidating because of the no-nonsense, seemingly gruff attitudes of restaurant staff, but this tour will give you the confidence to order anywhere.

Hong Kong’s Instagram-Worthy Street-Art Tour

Art Gallery
Hong Kong Weathers Global Financial Storm
© George Rose / Getty Images

Hong Kong has long been a hub for art, but it’s usually tucked away in expensive galleries. Recently, the city’s street-art scene has flourished, and stunning murals bursting with colour surprise you around almost every turn. This intimate tour allows you to find the most impressive graffiti in town, and gain in-depth knowledge about the cultural significance, inspiration and the artists behind these striking installations. These family-friendly tours are available in English and German.

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ToursHong Kong Markets Small-Group Walking Tour
From $106 per person
3 hours
4.7 (10)

Local markets are an integral part of Hong Kong life. It’s where locals buy their weekly groceries, home goods and more, and they’re great fun for tourists, too. Explore the most well-known markets in the city, such as the enchanting flower market, the colourful bird market, busy Ladies’ Market and more. It’s a great opportunity to pick up quirky souvenirs and snap a few photos to show your friends at home. All the haggling will definitely work up an appetite, and thankfully, there is plenty of street food to try along the way.

The Best of Hong Kong: Private Tour With a Local Guide

Asian man traveler is visiting at Braemar hill peak,tourist looking to Hong Kong City view and Victoria harbor
© MR.Cole Photographer / iStock

With so many attractions and areas to explore, Hong Kong is vast yet intimidating. Hiring a private guide is an excellent way to acquaint yourself with the city, especially if you’re a first-time visitor or short on time. With their intimate knowledge, they can craft a multifaceted itinerary for your group and provide a level of attention you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Whether it’s a food-focussed day or an afternoon on the trails, they’ve got you covered.

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ToursHong Kong TramOramic Sightseeing Tour
From $21 per person
2 days
4.3 (10)

The immaculate MTR, Hong Kong’s underground system, tends to hog the spotlight when it comes to transport. But the city’s classic trams or “ding dings” are really the unsung hero of getting around this crazy island. The vintage 1920s trams are a charming way to take in the views. Your ticket includes two days of unlimited tram rides, so remember that the best vistas are always from the top deck. While family-friendly, this isn’t suitable for those with limited mobility.

Little Adventures in Hong Kong

China, Hong Kong, Chinese medicine
© Aldo Pavan / Getty Images

Hong Kong people are intensely proud of their culinary culture and with good reason. Dedicate an afternoon to eating your way through the city with Little Adventures Hong Kong. It runs the smallest tours in the city, with a maximum of three people per group, which allows you to slip into small tea parlours and intimate dai pai dongs like a resident. It customises all tours (which are available in multiple languages) to fit each group and hand-selects every restaurant and stall.

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New Territories Heritage Walk

Hiking Trail
China Hong Kong Yuen Long Ping Shan heritage trail Tsui Sing Lau pagoda next to the Tin Shui Wai public housing estate
© myLAM / Alamy Stock Photo

People often get distracted by the grandeur of Hong Kong Island and forget about the rest of the city. The New Territories, for example, has a rich history that few tourists explore. For centuries, migrant people from China would come down and farm the fertile land here. The first was the Tang family clan, who arrived as early as 1069. Follow their history on this fascinating walking tour, which includes two 12th-century villages, temples, clan halls, Hong Kong’s only ancient pagoda and the city’s last walled village.

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Old v New Hong Kong

Returned But Unresolved: Hong Kong's Deepening Rift With China
© Chris McGrath / Getty Images

Part of what makes Hong Kong so engaging is its blend of old and new. Though it’s known as a major financial hub, it maintains elements of its modest past as a fishing village. To truly understand Hong Kong, you have to embrace both. This tour is all about opposites. It takes you through the wealthiest areas and the poorest, shops bursting with antiques and little boutiques that celebrate the future of Asian design. If you’re looking for a crash course in Hong Kong, this is it.

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Countryside Adventure Tours

Hiking Trail
A seascape of Tap Mun or Grass Island where is located in Sai Kung
© Chunyip Wong / Getty Images

Geoparks, mountains, waterfalls, war relics, bat walks and snorkelling – the landscape surrounding Hong Kong is rich with experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. The team at Countryside Adventure Tours know every inch of the diverse landscape. See the fiery autumn colours of the trees at Tai Tong in Yuen Long, go in search of fireflies or tiptoe your way through some of Hong Kong’s creepiest abandoned ghost towns. Plenty of the tours are child-friendly and are available in both English and Dutch.

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Vive Hong Kong

Hong Kong Street Scene, Mongkok District with busses
© Nikada / iStock

Hong Kong welcomes visitors from all around the globe, but unfortunately, most tours are offered only in English. Vive Hong Kong is changing that. It’s the first and only travel agency in the city that focusses specifically on Spanish and Portuguese visitors. It offers a selection of lively tours for up to 15 guests, with both private and group options available. If you’re keen to explore beyond the city, book the Macau tour.

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ToursHong Kong Urban Myths Walking Tour: Ghost and Food in Wan Chai
From $63 per person
3 hours

Hong Kong runs on superstitions. Check out the elevators, and you’ll often find the fourth floor is missing. Peek at the skyscrapers, and you might notice giant holes in the middle. And don’t even think about giving someone a clock for a gift, or sticking your chopsticks in your rice! Find out why, and so much more, on this tour of Hong Kong’s spooky side. A local guide will take you through the most haunted spots and terrify you with ghost stories. Feel free to work up an appetite, as street-food snacks are included in the tour.

Wild Hong Kong

Hiking Trail
© Wildhongkong

Discover the beauty of Hong Kong’s wild side with Wild Hong Kong, the ultimate option for the adventurous. These tours will take you to the most remote (and beautiful) spots in the city, whether you opt to cycle, hike or stand-up paddleboard your way there. Don’t waste any of your precious time getting lost on unmarked trails or unfamiliar waters – just follow the experts. These tours are available in English, Dutch and German.

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Historical Walking Tour of Hong Kong

Golden Bauhinia Square
© hippostudio / iStock

Hong Kong’s history is long, fascinating and complex. Whether you’re visiting for a week, or you’ve lived here for a year, it’s worth understanding the monarchical and colonial past. Both are inextricably linked to the dynamics of the city’s present and future. This intimate group tour will lead you through famous landmarks, such as Possession Point, Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail and the Forever Blooming Bauhinia sculpture, while putting them into historical context.

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Temple and Feng Shui Tour

Architectural Landmark
Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong
© Chinnaphong Mungsiri / Getty Images

Take a walk on the spiritual side with this Temple and Feng Shui Tour. Feng shui is an ancient art that balances out chi or qi, the vital life force of all people, places and things, to encourage good luck, health and wealth. Using a special compass called a luopan and some complex calculations, a feng-shui master can look at (and improve) the chi of a place. This guided walk is a crash course in this fascinating practice, starting among the skyscrapers of Central and ending at a tranquil Buddhist temple.

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