The 10 Best Restaurants In Central, Hong Kong

The 10 Best Restaurants In Central, Hong Kong
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Updated: 9 February 2017
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As the commercial hub of Hong Kong, Central is a great place for a good meal. Zooming through narrow alleys and sidewalks packed with visitors, you’ll find these 10 top dining spots from classic Cantonese-style signature dishes at unadorned food stalls to continental cuisine in high-end restaurants.

Sing Heung Yuen

Located at the open area of Mei Lun Street, Sing Heung Yuen is the most celebrated cooked food stall in Hong Kong. Having held its government license for almost 60 years, its nostalgic food is what keeps it thriving. The simple yet flavorful dishes, such as lemon crispy buns and tomato macaroni, have gained a following. In this bustling atmosphere, you’ll find blue collar workers, businessmen, and even policemen queuing up for a cramped seat. Must-trys include the peanut milk toast, kaya crispy crispy, salty seven-up with lemon, and tomato instant noodles

Outdoor dining environment in Sing Hueng Yuen © Spoatricam/WikiCommons

D Corner

Restaurant, Chinese
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Well-known for being a rendezvous for celebrities in Hong Kong, D Corner is worth seeking out with its neat décor and a trendy modern Western menu. Using first-rate ingredients from all over the world, including Japanese Jasmón Ibérico, Argentinean perch and Australian grade M9 beef, the menu changes regularly in a bid to introduce culinary creativity to guests. Located in the commercial building at Lan Kwai Fong, the semi-open kitchen allows customers to witness the meticulousness of the chef when preparing the food.
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Just one of a handful of western restaurants in the bustling business hub of Central, Glasshouse is distinctive for its international dishes. The interior is full of landing glass, white wicker chairs, small potted plants and wooden ceilings, Glasshouse looks bright and gives a comforting feel. The open kitchen style allows diners to witness the marvelous technique of the chefs. Must-trys include the crispy fries with black truffle mayo.

Glasshouse Image courtesy of Glasshouse

The Chairman

Using quality ingredients, The Chairman spreads over two floors, although with limited seating. Established in 2009, the restaurant is inspired by ancient Chinese Palace architectural design; a white chandelier hangs from the ceiling, and on the second floor there is a Chinese-style interior wooden fence partition. The restaurant is decorated in casual style, and customers can dine in a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying some of the finest Chinese cuisine in town. The wolfberry cake and fried clams are memorable.

Hong Kong Legislative Counsel Building © Steve Webel/Flickr

Kau Kee Restaurant

What sets Kau Kee apart from other noodle shops is that they only serve beef brisket in two soup bases, clear broth and curry soup. The soup base, simmered for hours, is concocted from beef brisket, and the noodles are delightfully chewy. Stuffed with small tables and stools, the restaurant can be crowded and customers often have to sit cheek by jowl. Plus in this buzzing place it is like you’ll have to queue for a bowl of Cantonese-style noodles; but they’re worth it.

Facade of Kau Kee Restaurant © Chong Fat/WikiCommons

SiChuan Da Ping Huo

Da Ping Huo is a restaurant that provides private Si Chuan home cuisine to guests. Hung with oil paintings, which are the original works of the landlady, SiChuan Da Ping Huo serves dishes that are uniformly rather spicy. Stand-outs include steamed chicken with chili sauce and braised beef in sauce. After meal, Mrs. Wong, the chef as well as the landlady, will sing a traditional folk song in front of the guests.

Central Hong Kong © See-ming Lee/Flickr


If you are looking for French gourmet cuisine, Caprice offers great cooking and magnificent views of Victoria Harbour. Caprice also serves premium wine from France, and it is the first cellar in Hong Kong to store valuable French artisan cheese. The ingredients are freshly imported from France on a daily basis, and the restaurant managed by top chef Fabrice Vulin.

Lobby of Four Seasons Hotel © Wing1990hk/WikiCommons

8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

With three Michelin stars, 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA is committed to pursuing Italian dishes of high standards. The acclaimed head chef, Bombana, purchases fresh ingredients directly from Italy. There are also two sophisticated rooms at 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA for small private parties or business gatherings, and take about 20 guests.

Sang Kee Congee Shop

Selling over a thousand bowls of congee every day, Sang Kee has established its name in the restaurant industry by serving hot fresh porridge. Many visitors come from all over mainland China to have a spoonful of the famous pork liver porridge. At Sang Kee, pig bones are the only ingredient used to stew the congee soup base, which will be prepared in advance so as to deliver a thin texture with strong flavor.

Facade of Sang Kee © Holaceplztach/WikiCommons

Linguini Fini

Linguini Fini specializes in Italian delicacies and aspires to produce dishes that are healthy and environmentally-friendly. With dim lights and bar stools in front of the gradevin, Linguini Fini looks more like a bar than a restaurant, but inside you’ll find a menu that ranges from homemade pasta to organic meat.

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