Crème Brûlée Pancakes in Kowloon, Hong Kong

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9 April 2020

Thick and fluffy soufflé pancakes are enjoying a wave of popularity in the city, where inventive toppings are redefining the classic brunch dish.

In Hong Kong, pancakes are reaching new culinary heights, far beyond the usual blueberry-studded or lemon-and-sugar-topped options. Here, you can tuck into fluffy pancakes served with a crunchy, golden-brown crème brûlée topping and soft-scoop ice cream on the side, making for a snack that mixes sugary richness with an appealingly light, airy texture.

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The booth is bright yellow and located in Hong Kong’s Kowloon. The pancakes are made fresh while you wait, with the gooey batter squeezed out onto a hotplate. They crisp up into puffy, fat disks, ready to be garnished with sweet toppings and popped onto a plate.

Crème brûlée is’s best-known topping. It features two pancakes laid one on top of the other and held together with a dollop of syrup. The resulting miniature tower is coated with a thick layer of custard and doused in sugar, before the top is blow-torched for that classic crisp, caramelised finish. Crack your fork through the top, and the warm custard oozes out over the wobbly pancakes. It’s a substantial serving – if you’re feeling hungry, you’ll want one to yourself, but otherwise you might prefer to share this jiggly sugar stack with a friend.

The best of the rest

The crème brûlée pancake – served with soft-scoop ice cream – may be the main event, but there’s a changing menu of other styles, and options might include tiramisu pancakes, berry-topped pancakes and matcha and white chocolate lava bombs, as well as various teas, shakes and assorted ice-cream flavours.


Fans of nominative determinism will be disappointed : is closed in the mornings. Located at Grand Place, 560 Nathan Road, Kowloon, this innovative dessert stall is open 1pm–11pm every day of the week, and is busiest in the evenings.

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